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    Covers for Garmin and Kicker?

    Hey gang... I'm getting mixed answers from my research. Can anyone tell me, on your S Model Benny, did a cover come with the Garmin Striker 4 Fish Graph and the Kicker stereo head unit? Pictures are from a similar boat at my marina. Thanks! And Happy Thanksgiving!
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    2021 20SLG 4.5% Lower than MSRP

    I calculated my dealer 'discounted price' compared to MSRP. I found out that on average, I saved 4.5% off MSRP. After reading many posts from owners in this forum, I anticipated a 10-15% discount (but, perhaps that is only with more expensive builds). My dealer told me that beginning last year...
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    Fuel Separator on Yamaha 90VF?

    I think my dealer may want to strangle me if I go back a third time with an additional request for my build! However, I think I may need to depending on your answers. There was an option for a stainless steel fuel separator on the Bennington build page. Is that is just an upgrade to an existing...
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    Argh! Just added $3,000 to my build!

    Okay, let's get one thing straight, I am not suffering from PADS! I am not buying a different boat, getting a longer boat, adding a tritoon, increasing the horsepower, or anything that I think is technically PADS. However, based on my desire to have a boat that my wife and I can truly enjoy in...
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    Another Clarifying Question - Strakes and Wave Shield

    Another question gang as I look to add a few items to my build. Reminder: 20SLG with 90hp dual toon. My dealer said it's pointless for me to add lifting strakes to the build with a 90hp dual toon (not elliptical). He says the motor is not big enough to really use the strakes and that they will...
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    Double Bimini Clarification, Please

    Hey gang... no build date for my Benny yet, so I am considering adding another option that I've been thinking a lot about lately... the double Bimini. The MSRP is over a grand so I passed on it during the ordering phase, but none of my research for additional aftermarket shade options has...
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    No PADS here. Ever. (Finally!)

    OK, so a few of you know me... I recently ordered a 20SLG pontoon with a 90 Yamaha VMAX of which I will take delivery when it arrives this winter. I will begin boating in the spring on beautiful Canandaigua Lake, NY. Even though I grew up in Annapolis and had many boats in my youth, this will be...
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    Proper Size of Dock Line for 20' Toon

    Hey everyone... when I get it next year, I will be keeping my new Benny at a very busy marina with four floating docks. My dock will be protected by a series of boat house (see aerial photo). Even when it's windy or choppy, my dock remains fairly calm (storms are another issue, but I've never...
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    Yamaha 90 VMAX SHO vs. 'Standard' 90

    Hey gang... I'm looking for your thoughts on if you think there will be any measurable difference (other than minor cost) between the Yamaha 90hp VMAX SHO vs. the 'standard' Yamaha 90hp offered by Bennington. I will be putting the VMAX on my 20SLG twin-log pontoon with no lifting strakes, etc...
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    Garmin Striker 4 on 20' Toon

    I just placed my order for my 20SLG today, selected all my upgrades, and paid my down payment. However, I realized it probably would have been better to include the Striker 4 depth finder for $300 as part of my OEM build than to buy a depth finder at a local store and have the marina install it...
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    Soon to be a Proud 20SLG Owner!

    Very soon I will be putting a down payment on a brand new Bennington 20SLG build with 90 Yamaha (L-bench model) and I am beyond excited! We will be boating in beautiful Canandaigua Lake in New York's Finger Lakes Region. While modest in my boat selection, I will spring for some options including...