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    Yamaha Recall

    Anyone esle here receive the Yamaha Recall for the fuel line. F4 ~ F70 outboard motors and NOA specification portable fuel tanks. Called my dealer, they say it doesn't pretain to my 20SML since it doesn't have a "portable" tank. The dealer hasn't read the recall yet. Yamaha says the...
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    Adding Ski Tow Bar to a 20SLM

    Can I buy from my dealer the ski two bar option and install it myself? I also looks like it could be used to help pull my self up from the ladder.
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    Let's Dream

    So what week of what month do you get your boat out? AWK
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    House Boat Rental on Lake Cumberland, KY

    Next summer we will renting a 85 ft house boat on Lake Cumberland. Wondered if any other here has done this. Any advice, bewares, suggestions? Curious as to what might be expected in fuel costs. I know there's a lot of variables involved. We will be towing a 17 foot jet boat and two jet...
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    20 SLX vs 20 SLM

    I have been looking at pictures in the gallery and see the 2013 SLX. I have a 2013 20 SLM, but no where can I find what SL "M" means. The dealer said "M" is for Michigan. Also, it appears to me that the 20 SLX is more "cab forward" than the SLM... SLX has more rear deck. Is this...
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    Rack Storage, Torch Lake Dewitt Marina

    Has anyone here ever dealt with Dewitt Marina or use thier Rack Storage. I'm think about this because the public launch sites are not the best. Any suggestions, thoughts... anything would be help because I know NOTHIN about this right now other than what I read on the internet. I just know...
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    Rack Storage at the Lake

    Curious, does anyone here rack store their boat at a lake, where you can call 30 minutes prior and they drop it in a slip? Then when done, they button up the playpen cover and put it back. This is on a large chain of lakes. We have to wait often to put in in and/or take it out at the public...
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    Stereo Remote, 20SLM

    The owners manual for my radio shows a remote, but I never received one. Was it supposed to come with my boat? AWK
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    Deck Bolt Thread Size

    My boat is 224 miles away right now. Would anyone happen to know what the Deck Bolt size is on the 2013 20SLM is? I need to buy some stainless steel nut and washers so I can use the extended length of those deck bolts to secure my Lowrance wire under the boat. Don't see the need in adding...
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    20 SLM New Owner Questions

    Ok, maiden voyage is over. Now for the questions of things I have found. First the dealer told me I need to remove the rear seat that is not hinged when I tow this. That would be everytime I use it. So I stow in in the "pop-up" room area, or in the back of my truck. Already seeing a...
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    Torch Lake, MI

    Curious if ther are any other Torch Lake batters here. Sure is a great spot! AWK
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    Technical Forum

    I see technical issues in both Dock Talk and Pontoon Forum. It looks like there are many here (like me) that likes to know the boat inside and out. A seperate Technical Forum would be a one stop shopping. And thank you for sharing the technical data. Great stuff! AWK
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    Total length of a 20SLM

    Still waiting for my boat, but it is at the dealer now! I trying figure out winter storage and was wondering if any know the total length of a the 20SLM with a 90 Yamaha. Specs say LOA is 20 fet 5 inches. Not thinking that includes the motor. AWK
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    Battery and Battery Switch Location, 20SLM

    My first Pontoon is on it's way! Expecting it next week (hopefully). The boat was already ordered by the dealer as a dealer stock boat. One option I WILL need is the battery switch. I overlooked it when I bought the boat. I will see if the dealer can install as I see the option is only 57...