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    playpen damage

    My lift snapped yesterday and due to low water my playpen made contact with the dock. The corner got scraped pretty good. Does anyone know if Bennington or anyone else makes pontoon corner guards for the playpen?
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    Used Benny

    I have a friend that is considering a used Bennington. It's a 24 footer with a 50 HP Yamaha. He is getting a good price. (I'm thinking the owner probably wants more HP)  My friend is on a small lake so HP is not critical to him. The question is......What kind of speed can he expect to get with...
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    Lift lube

    Has anyone hear lubricated their shore station? I'm looking for a spray lube to get into the tight spots. My lift won't lower without weight on it.
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    Thank You to Team Bennington

    My wife and I made the trip from just north of Chicago to see the new 2014 models. We had a great time. The Team Bennington crew went out of their way to make us feel welcome. The plant tour was very informative and allowed us to see first hand why Bennington is number one. As proud Bennington...
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    Perko 12 volt nav lights

    Can anyone tell me where to buy replacement Perko lamps for the nav lights? I googled the number and it showed west marine as a perko dealer. I put the cat number in West Marines search and it said not found. Any help would be appreciated.
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    7 year warranty

    Just curious...Why are club members who bought Benningtons in 2011 excluded from the 7 year warranty?
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    3 questions for team Bennington

    I want to clean the playpen cover.I looked on the tag of the playpen cover and it has recomendations on cover care. I did a search and the recomendations for cleaning were not practical unless you have room in a clean dry area to spread it out. Can it be cleaned in a commercial washing machine...
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    Rough water package

    Has anyone had the rough water package installed after purchase either by the dealer or diy? Any info would be appreciated.
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    Does anyone know what the draft is on a 20sli? With the transponder mounted near the bottom of the pontoon what is the minimum depth recomendation. I looked at the specs on line and couldn't find anything. The river is getting a bit low by us.
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    Has anyone had to replace a nav light. If so how do you get to it. I have a loose nav light and figured I could save some time if someone has already taken one apart. Thanks
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    Accessory switch

    Took the boat out today and I couldn't get the accessory switch to work. I was able to lower the boat lift using the boat battery and start the boat. After cruising for about 10 minutes the accessory switch began to work. My question......Is it possible that I left the garmin on and when the...
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    Loose steering wheel

    My steering wheel feels like it is beginning to loosen up. It feels like something needs to be tightened in the steering column. I hate to take the boat out of the water and trailer to the dealer if this is an easy fix. Has anyone had this issue? If you remove the 5 allen screws from the wheel...
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    Bennington administrators question

    I know you guys are not part of the outboard manufacturers, however I could not find an email contact on their wedsite. Do you know why the Yamaha manual recomends using an oil extractor? I am just curious why they don't say anything about using the drain plug. Thanks in advance.
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    Oil change

    The Yamaha manual recomends using an oil extractor the change the engine oil. Does anyone know why you can't just use the drain plug?
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    We are getting ready to sharkhide the toons and realised there are a ton of white spots that will not come off with soap and water. Did someone here say they cleaned their toons and what did you use?
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    Bennington Club Membership

    Administrators, I wanted to thank you. I received my Bennington coozies and club membership card today. On the back of the card are the words....This card is of no value. You need to set the bar a little higher. Surely a Club Bennington charter membership card is of some value to someone...
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    Perhaps you could provide an on-line list of parts and accessories with prices and ordering information. For example if I wanted to order a full enclosure, would I have to go through a dealer or can it be ordered direct on line? Thanks in advance
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    cup holders

    Administrators, Is there any truth to the rumors that the first 10 members receive free cup holders?