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  1. Jim_R

    Playpen cover bag?

    After I fold my cover port to starboard, and then again stern to bow to end up with it roughly the size needed to fit in under seat storage, I find I am perhaps adding to wear and tear by cramming it in that area. And then again perhaps even more so when pulling the folded cover out from said...
  2. Jim_R

    Nav light LED conversion

    These days LED replacements can be bought for nearly any filament type automotive bulb out there. The LED replacements have the benefits of longer life, they draw less current, and give off less heat. In the marine world, particularly with NAV lights, the trick is finding LED replacement bulbs...
  3. Jim_R

    LED Speaker mods

    I believe I mentioned this in another thread, but thought I'd post it here in this new DIY forum as well. Many have seen the Kicker and Wet Sounds speakers with built in LED 'mood' lighting, here's a first attempt at adding this type of lighting to existing speakers. While standard single...
  4. Jim_R

    Storage net

    Just thought I'd share some storage netting I found that can be affixed to the back of changing room doors, etc. They are made by EZnet (no affiliation) and come in several sizes. Here's a pic of the small white (15" W x 15" H) storage net on the back of my changing room door: Very easy to...
  5. Jim_R

    DIY RGB LED Cupholders

    Another of my many second season upgrade projects was to use some of the SMD 5050 RGB LED strip 'left over' from my perimeter lighting project as interior accents. This DYI RGB cup holder idea is one of those uses. In another thread on compartment lighting, I introduced the concept of cutting...
  6. Jim_R

    Adding a second battery in a most unusual way

    Finally got the boat in the water last week, and started my second season projects this weekend. Way up at the top of the list was adding a second battery. The hardest part for me was finding a place I liked to install the second battery. I looked at the changing room, and under the helm, but...
  7. Jim_R

    DIY Compartment Lighting (lots of pics)

    I didn't want to clog up the Perimeter Lighting thread, so created this related topic. This will start out as a DYI on cutting and wiring smaller individual lights from an LED strip, then (once it stops snowing and acting more like spring outside here) cover install of the individual light...
  8. Jim_R

    12V Appliances

    Saw these 12V travel cookware items on clearance at Nesco. Thought some here that grill on the pontoon might be interested in a "side burner". Maybe not. Priced right - $7.99 each.
  9. Jim_R

    What do you do for Winterization?

    We're not quite there yet in the upper Midwest, but it is past Labor Day, so along with putting away the white pants it's time to consider end of season preparations for the pontoon. What do you do for Winterization? And please, not too much gloating from you folks who live too close to the...
  10. Jim_R

    Before the pontoon...

    ...people did stuff like this. :D
  11. Jim_R

    Rainy day projects

    A rainy day motivated me to do some small boat projects I have been putting off. First one, a simple battery upgrade. Pulled the existing group 24 battery and battery box, and added a group 31 in a battery tray. The group 31 barely fits in the existing battery area. Eventually I will install...
  12. Jim_R

    Outboard Electrical Connections

    Here's a pic of the for lack of a better term jumper block electrical connections on my 2275 RL. Given the rather stringent rules regarding covering both positive and negative battery connections, I'm wondering if I am missing boots or covers for these connections. Anybody know?
  13. Jim_R

    Bimini trailering strut retrofit?

    In another thread TB posted the following: I didn't want to hijack the thread, but I thought it good advice and suddenly realized I don't have the shorter trailering struts on either portion of my double bimini. They'd be nice to have... so I'm wondering if there's a retrofit kit. I'm...
  14. Jim_R

    Does this sound about right?

    As posted in the pontoon forum, I upgraded my 2 25" toon 2002 2275 RL with a 2006 Mercury 115HP EFI 4 stroke, I did a few runs and consistently see speeds of 22 - 23 MPH with double biminis booted and in upright position, 2/3 tank of gas, and two adults on board. RPMs read 5200 - 5300. Prop...
  15. Jim_R

    Outboard upgrade

    I recently bought my 2002 2275 RL used, and believe I got a great deal because the existing outboard was a 15HP Mercury 4 stroke. As I understand it, the previous owner was on a lake that mandated 15HP or less. I had a 2003 Suzuki DF70, 70HP, EFI, tilt trim, that I thought I could swap...
  16. Jim_R

    Stereo Head Unit upgrade

    Well, first mod to the new to me 2002 2275 RL - replacing the OEM AM/FM CD player. The OEM unit still worked, and didn't sound too bad, but lacked MP3 player inputs, and was not Sirius XM ready. As I already had a Clarion CMD4a laying about, I thought I could do a quick swap. As soon as I...
  17. Jim_R

    OEM mounting location for Satellite Antenna?

    I'm looking to do a stereo head unit upgrade this weekend, fortunately the weather outlook is crummy! As part of the upgrade I will be installing a Sirius XM satellite antenna. My question is where does Bennington install the satellite antenna? My first thought was to mount it to the helm...