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  1. 1trotter

    Help with boat build

    horsepower is never cheaper than it is when you build a boat. I never heard anyone on this forum ever say their boat has too much power. just my opinion
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    Sub and amp

    I did 2 JL audio marine 10s with a JL marine amp. Sounds fantastic.
  3. 1trotter

    Q cladded arch light

    Mine was that plug in old style that was on top of my arch, I replaced mine with an all around that does not have to be put in and out.
  4. 1trotter

    Engine suggestions in a hurry

    i used to have a 2375 gcw arch with a 200 yamaha. boat ran well (wot 39mph). no power steering and did not mind not having it. Long term the horsepower is cheapest when you initially buying the boat. Btw the boat should be easily rerigged with a 200
  5. 1trotter

    Bennington QX25 Build w/ Mercury 350 or 400

    have you considered the i/o version. I have the big block 502 and would not trade it for anything.
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    My First Pontoon- My first Bennington - and a rookie question!

    I think ceramic pro marine holds up better than sharkhide. just my opinion. I have had both.
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    Still on the fence

    You will use the boat more if it’s sitting in the water.
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    You are going to love the i/o.

    You are going to love the i/o.
  9. 1trotter

    Cost of Sandblasting Pontoons - Ocean City MD area

    Usually an acid bath and pressure washing will do the trick.
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    New members with new Benny

  11. 1trotter

    Planning To Order a New Bennington Before Thanksgiving - What Size Motor?

    Probably comes down to preference. Mercury seems to be the standard for I/o and Yamaha for outboards. I have had both. I had a 300 supercharged mercury on my last boat and it never gave a single problem but neither did the 200 Yamaha before that. I switched over to the big block 502 I/O for...
  12. 1trotter

    SPS vs ESP Performance

    ESP is more about banking turns like a traditional v hull. Speed is similar for the two types.
  13. 1trotter

    23RFBA delivery in days; couple questions

    The rigger probably just misspoke. Don’t fret changing props is very easy.
  14. 1trotter

    2014 2275 GCW

    Make an offer contingent on condition and acceptable performance on test drive. Unfortunately dealers get a lot of dreamers and tire kickers.
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    Sport Tower with extended bimini

    Are you talking about the rear portion of the Bimini?
  16. 1trotter

    Polaris Inc buys Bennington

    Took 4 months for me to get a new Bimini.
  17. 1trotter

    Check in with your cruising speed, RPM, FF and range.

    I don’t like to talk about my fuel consumption LOL.
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    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    We love Alabama and Carolina gamecocks in this house.