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  1. sjhorner9475

    2020 Boat Show Season

    The 2020 boat show season is in full swing. I will be going to the Nashville Boat Show next weekend. Not looking to buy a new boat but I sure enjoy looking at what is new in the boating world. I can't wait. Hope to take and post some pictures.
  2. sjhorner9475

    Buying Advice: Comparing My Two Boats

    On this forum we frequently see requests for advice from those seeking to buy their first or subsequent Benny, and members who readily share their advice and counsel. I bought my first boat, a 2013 Bennington 2375 GCW. I did this after a great deal of online research, visiting boat dealerships...
  3. sjhorner9475

    Bennington Going International

    Bennington is setting up a dealer network in Australia.
  4. sjhorner9475

    Bennington Upgrade

    Today I placed an order for my second Bennington. I bought my first Bennington and first boat, a 2375 GCW with a 150 HP Yamaha engine in 2013 and have loved it. I have been to the boat show every year since and never found a better pontoon than a Bennington. No real reason to buy a new boat...
  5. sjhorner9475

    Fogged guages

    Made my first boat purchase this spring, a 2013 2375 GCW. I have to say my wife and I are thrilled and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Today while out on the lake I noticed for the first time that one of the three guages had moisture behind the glass. Any idea why this would be happening and what...