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    I am very educated on the nano ceramic coatings, I own a Tint World franchise in Alabama and we sell nano ceramic products. I have used it on my new 2575GCW and Mercury motor cowl with good results. Send me a PM and I can get you some information about it and how to use it.
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    Electrical Specs - Look here first for schematics

    Anybody got a schematic for a 2015 Bennington 2574GCW?
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    Onboard Battery Charger

    Update, I did talk to the dealer about a warranty claim on the onboard charger, I went by the dealership last week and the new charger had come in. Of course they must have been backed up on service because they just handed me the charger and said there is a return address label to send back the...
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    Onboard Battery Charger

    I am on my second Bennington pontoon, I bought a new 2004 2550RL, sold it to my sister's family last July to by a new 2575GCW. The new GCW came with the mid ship bar and all the options from led lighting to a refrigerator, my question is this. Has anyone had a problem with the Pro Mariner...
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    Please Have a pic under lounger!!

    I would love to see a picture of this also, I want to run a dual battery system on my Ben 2550RL. Thanks.
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    Bennnington Logo in JPEG

    Hello, New to the forum but not to Benningtion ownership, I have a 2004 2550RL, is there a way I could get the any Benningtion Logo's in PDF? You can email me if possible. Thanks