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    The loss of my best friend

    So sorry to hear of your loss. Our GG is getting up there and we don’t really know how well we’ll handle that. Had a cat first and a dog next that we had a hard time letting go of each. The cat going was a killer for my wife and the dog loss was devastating to me. We had to put her down and...
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    Need advice on first pontoon

    Welcome. And “it all depends”. We’ve got a 115 on a large lake, 22’ , 2 toon. And love it. We mostly do slow cruising, and it will pull tubes. And with a load of people, it’s cruising, and slow tubing, which works for some and which we enjoy. But the grandkids (which we do not have at this...
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    Chain for Box Anchor?

    No chain and have had no issues.
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    Couple Questions: What’s This?

    So I tried every piece of foul language I know, and may have broken a thing or two...did not help. I did not fool with anything as I’m afraid of warranty issues. But once that is over, we will likely have a re-do. Actually looking forward to that day.
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    Sea legs on 20’

    Probably all of the above and may also be the distance between front and back legs for the support. This is not a floatation issue but a stability issue. There is probably a formula of weight distribution (i.e. boat, gas gas tank, motor) total possible weight (add people and stuff), and...
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    Couple Questions: What’s This?

    I’m one with that has the issue. Gas station pump, marine pump, me filling from gas can and hoses. Same result. I‘ve found the funnel has to be at the right angle in order to fill without overflow/cutoff. It‘s frustrating but at least I found an angle. Now that’s funny!!
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    Merry Christmas!

    Amen!! There is so much that people want to forget about 2020, but there is so much to remember. How great this country is in coming together, getting stronger, and developing a vaccine in record time. personally my community coming together and rebuilding after historic floods. How everyone...
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    2020 Fall Football Thread

    As a Michigan State fan, I will miss the guy! This was too bad. Harbaugh called and I strongly suggested he keep him around. I guess he knew where my allegiance was. If the Michigan AD calls, I’ll strongly suggest he keeps Harbaugh around!!
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    2020 Fall Football Thread

    Payback for the football game. Izzo felt sorry for NW after the crushing on the field. It won’t be so pretty / ugly next time (assuming there is a next time).
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    2020 Fall Football Thread

    Re: Harbaugh...I worked at UM for 28 years. MSU fan for 40. Harbaugh will leave on his own terms. They still love him there. The President at UM does not see the benefit of a strong football team, as long as the high net worth donors are OK (who are still enamored with Jimbo). The President...
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    2020 Fall Football Thread

    Harbaugh will leave when he wants to leave. He still is king in Ann Arbor. Being a UM hater, the longer he stays, the happier I am.
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    2020 Fall Football Thread

    congratulations Wiz . Great game. I didn’t think Kelly could win a game like that.
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    2020 Fall Football Thread

    Games not over, but ok day for me. My Spartans look like, well...., my Spartans. BUT UM loss to Indiana and ND loss to Clemson is good with me. ND-Clemson close, but I’m sure I’ll get my wish.
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    2020 Fall Football Thread

    I would flip M and MS. I am not seeing Harbaugh getting things right this year (well, not any year, but I’ll post the same thing next year). MSU will be riding high with new coach etc. several issues, most notably quarterback question, but I think they’ll figure something out. New energy there...
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    No PADS here. Ever. (Finally!)

    The boat and motor you have will be awesome. I looked on this site for a year before getting my basic 21’, 2 log, 115 hp 2 years ago. I knew what I wanted and disregarded the luxury upgrades, expansion and 3 toon recommendations. I did not care if it was 90 or 115, I took what the dealer had...
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    Soon to be a Proud 20SLG Owner!

    Congratulations and welcome to the forum. Those pics are awesome. I have a 21’ with 2 toons and a 115. So you are not alone!!! The boat is exactly what we want and I’m sure you’ll be just as happy. Agree with all the comments about pulling skiers,tubers. You may be able to pull up kids...
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    So this happend to our cottage Monday evening, 2/24:

    Thanks Jeff. It seems this year, we’re all getting hit hard in different ways. The flood was a surreal experience for us, and our whole community, and still is as we’re still fixing everything up and trying to support one another. My wife and I are grateful for the place up north (except for the...
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    Lake and Marina “Neighbor” Rants:

    I should have mentioned your VRBO idiots in my other post. Looking forward to 2021.
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    So this happend to our cottage Monday evening, 2/24:

    Wow, that is really too bad. Hopefully it didn’t complete kill the summer there for you. But it looks great and that house and deck is awesome! Kind of a farmer’s tan house. The contractor probably figured insurance will pay, so he let things slip. His bad on that one. I would have thought...
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    New to boating, 1st Bennington

    congratulations on the awesome boat. on the gas....everyone I know uses gas with ethanol and puts in additive (most use Stabil Marine, some add sea foam In addition). I will have ethanol with Stabil Marine on hand but if I am near a non-ethanol pump on the lake I’ll stop by (and add some sea...