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  1. Spoiledrotten

    Started this year with a different.....

    Just for fun.... Mine definitely has the muscle to pull whatever I put behind it. 4WD, 440 HP and 1000+ FP torque. 8000# truck will break back wheels loose if you punch it at 30MPH. Punch it at 60 MPH on wet roads, and you better have a grip on the wheel and nerves of titanium because the...
  2. Spoiledrotten

    First time out this year.....

    Update..... I unplugged the in-line fuse to the stereo and left it unplugged for a few minutes. It didn’t fix the issue. I just got a text from my Bennington mechanic and good friend, stating that Bennington had approved the warranty for a new head unit. It’s on the way to the dealer...
  3. Spoiledrotten

    My new 22sxp is a BIG disappointment

    This is another vote for a setup issue. The person at the dealership is selling boats because he just got fired from his garbage truck job. There are just a few main things to be dialed it. It’s not a Bennington issue, and it’s not a pontoon issue. It’s an individual boat issue. Be patient...
  4. Spoiledrotten

    Tick tock! Boat Delivered to House for Some Prep!

    As far as the captain chairs, I took the all-American zip tie and secured the swivel handle up so the two chairs would freely swivel at any time. Hated to have to reach for the handle every time I wanted to change my position.
  5. Spoiledrotten

    What temporary floor carpet/towel/anything will NOT get HOT during hot days on the water?

    They are 2’ x 6’ each (or just about any length you need or want) so they fit perfectly between the loungers and the bench seats; one for front and one for back. Got them at Walmart. They have a non-skid backing. They dry very quickly in the sun if wet. Keep our bare feet off of the hot...
  6. Spoiledrotten

    anchor rope

    That looks just like what I have. I love it. I don’t worry about it being small in my hands. It’s used with my winch. ;)
  7. Spoiledrotten

    What temporary floor carpet/towel/anything will NOT get HOT during hot days on the water?

    We keep two runners in ours for when the summer heats up the vinyl flooring. We keep them rolled up and stored when not needed.
  8. Spoiledrotten

    Handy hints, gadgets, products, gizmos & ideas...

    I use those for flags and for an aft sun shade.
  9. Spoiledrotten

    UPF Hitch Lock

    I use two locks on mine when parked in the drive. Both can be compromised, but any deterrent is better than none, oh, and I have a Ring video aimed right at my boat, so if anyone messes with it, I’ll make a movie star out of them. If the insurance company needs proof that I did my part to...
  10. Spoiledrotten

    Started this year with a different.....

    But then, there’s this to pull every once in a while.
  11. Spoiledrotten

    Should this be a warranty item

    Lakelife, I installed a strap with snap for the rear gate since the deck anchoring devise didn’t hold it well. The front gate is being held open by the generic slot type that allows you to lift the gate and drop it in the catch. It works great on the front with the gate opening to the inside.
  12. Spoiledrotten

    Started this year with a different.....

    Towing machine... Been pulling mine with the 2000 F-250 with the 7.3 PSD. Upgraded recently to the 2017 F-250 6.7 PSD. I’m loving the upgrade. BEFORE... AFTER...
  13. Spoiledrotten

    Pontoons, length, engine size, occasional gulf use.

    My first Bennington was the 20SLX with a 90 Yamaha. I ventured into the gulf several times with no problems. Had great times. My second Bennington is the 24’ with the 150 Yamaha. Been in the gulf a few times with it, also. Great times.
  14. Spoiledrotten

    Anchor/Docking Accessories

    I agree that the Deck Hand 40 is the way to go. Bow or stern location is choice you’ll have to weigh out for yourself. I have mine on the stern to keep it out of my way.
  15. Spoiledrotten

    Helm Cover for 2016 20 SF

    You might want to try what I’m fixing to do. My mooring cover is used ALL THE TIME when boat isn’t being used. The inside will still get water on it with heat rains, si I read that someone bought a properly sized grill cover for the helm. I’m going to do this under the mooring cover for added...
  16. Spoiledrotten

    Should this be a warranty item

    For this reason, I always tow my boat with both gates open. First few times, I noticed the panel being stressed from the highway speeds. Didn’t want to chance it any longer.
  17. Spoiledrotten

    First time out this year.....

    I’ll surely give that a try. Quick fix if it works. ;)
  18. Spoiledrotten

    anchor rope

    I’m using a new kind of anchor “rope”. Recently, a company was putting fiber optic cable in our neighborhood. They used a flat ribbon with a very small tracing wire in it to pull the cable from point A to point B. The guy asked me if I had any use for it. He was going to toss it because they...
  19. Spoiledrotten

    First time out this year.....

    Launched for the first time this year. Beautiful day. Just a tad chilly for cruising over 20 or so, but anchored and took a nap while basting in the sun. Did have one problem on my 2018 Benny. The stereo head was messed up. I sent this pic to my dealer, who said he would email Bennington to...
  20. Spoiledrotten

    USB AUX input

    Still warranty?