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  1. J

    23LSB W/250 SHO Owners

    Will do! Thanks for the info about the hub.
  2. J

    23LSB W/250 SHO Owners

    Thank you for all the information. Greatly appreciated.
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    23LSB W/250 SHO Owners

    The long runs are what I see myself doing as well. They offered me a 15,16, or 17 and I went with the middle one. I will definitely look into the Enertia prop down the road as that sounds like it will match what I want. I'm going to run this season with the motor where the dealer installed...
  4. J

    23LSB W/250 SHO Owners

    Well, contacted the dealer and they are going to put a 16P SWS2 prop on. Thank you all for your input.
  5. J

    23LSB W/250 SHO Owners

    What i What RPM are you seeing at full throttle? Why do you think a 17 may be better?
  6. J

    23LSB W/250 SHO Owners

    What you are describing is exactly how it feels driving the boat. I can get to the expected top speed, but everything else feels 'off'.
  7. J

    23LSB W/250 SHO Owners

    Thank you for your input. The dealer installed a 17 pitch Reliance series, and everything I read says it should be a SWS II. This is why I'm looking to find out what others are getting from their dealers.
  8. J

    23LSB W/250 SHO Owners

    If you wouldn't mind, please let me know what hull type you have and what prop was installed by your dealer. Thank you in advance.
  9. J

    Reliance Series Prop?

    On our new L23, the dealer installed a Reliance series prop. Gave the standard "we tested multiple props and this was the better one" line. However the Yamaha website doesn't list any Reliance series props as recommended for the 250SHO motor. I don't understand why this prop would be installed...
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    Sea trial W/dealer question

    This is exactly what I'm concerned with.
  11. J

    Sea trial W/dealer question

    So, we finally are receiving our boat and our sea trial is next week. In talking with the salesperson he informed me that we will go over everything and run the boat at speed to make sure everything works or to find out what doesn't. However, I'm under the impression that you are not...
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    depth finder, transducer

    I wonder if the people that have raised their motors have noticed an improvement in this. I've ordered a SImrad on our new boat and this is kind of disappointing to read.
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    Baby Benny Pictures

    Congrats on a fantastic boat!
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    Used Bennington G Series - better than new?

    Sounds like a very good bargain. Congrats.
  15. J

    Boat Demand is HIGH !!

    Which SHO? We ordered the 250 on a 'L' series in the first week of November and haven't been told of any expected delays. Our build start 2/12/21. Wonder if it's all models of the SHO or just certain ones??
  16. J

    New Build, thank you to everyone!

    Sign the papers and finalize the deal before this forum costs you a lot more money!! Lol.
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    New boat

  18. J

    Order placed!

    We signed our paperwork the first week of November. We have a 2/12 start date on our build. Hoping for it to arrive the first or second week of March.
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    Boat Demand is HIGH !!

    We are in S.E. Michigan, but have a family place up in Higgins Lake. (Not on the So I am very familiar with the area.