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  1. David G

    Trading Benny For a Surf boat

    Looks like my Grandkids win. We are trading in the Bennington R23 for a new Regal LS6 Surf. It had the best seating-almost Pontoon like vrs the others we looked at and the same dealership that has sold us our last 5 boats has Regals. I do miss the Hotrod feel of a good running bow rider so I...
  2. David G

    Yamaha V-Max 200-250

    These are exactly the same motors. The only difference is a computer tune? Every single thing is the same. All 3 motors can be tuned to make 338 HP. The 200/225/250 HP can all make exactly the same power--What a scam Yamaha has on this! The only thing different is that Yamaha recommends 90...
  3. David G

    So I bought me second Bennington, This one has the Yamaho SHO, it is so loud we cannot talk when underway.

    Is this normal. My old boat had the 175 hp 4 cylinder motor and is was church quiet. I just think something is not right even though it runs great.
  4. David G

    Max Speed W/ Bimini Top Raised?

    What is max safe speed with top up? I modified my old Bimini by reversing the cheapo plastic tabs to face against the top and that worked great. New boat was supposed to come with the extra straps but did not.
  5. David G

    Curved Bimini Vrs Standard?

    I had a 22SSX w/ Standard Top. It was not very sturdy and hard to raise and lower alone. I have a loaner R23 with Curved Bimini and love it. It is super easy to raise and lower. Ordered new boat and thought i checked box with Curved Top. Boat came in with standard top. i am thinking pay to...