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  1. 20190607_202054


    sunset on Lake Limestone
  2. TexAgg56

    New to The Bennington Family looking for upgrade ideas.

    You need to let the dealer do it! If installed elsewhere your dealer will not be responsible. You bought a Q series. I'd only let the dealer touch it! Keep all your warranties in tact. If anything ask your dealer if you go outside the dealer how does that affect your warranty with Bennington.
  3. TexAgg56

    Removing bikini top

    I think a bikini top is removed with margaritas from the main frame.....a bimini top unzips from the main frame....what happens on my Benny stays on my Benny!!
  4. TexAgg56

    Newbie in need of parking help into boat slip

    all great advise. Practice, practice, practice. you will eventually "learn" your boat and its subtle nuances of forward and reverse. The "slack" in your throttle, etc. You need to practice on a calm day but also practice in 5-7 knot winds! pontoons are sails. every little current affects your...
  5. TexAgg56

    Mounting rod holders

    Most rail mounted rod holders get in the way of the mooring cover. On my Benny, even if I removed the rod holding part, some of them unclip and can be removed. The actual mounting bracket itself got in the way of the cover. I do not have a "fishing" version floorplan. I still haven't found...
  6. 20190505_131407


    Getting ready for another weekend on Limestone.
  7. TexAgg56

    Ptm Edge offer for a group buy.great deal if you've been looking for a mirror.

    same mirror I have. Love it. No problems at all. make sure the little screw that mounts mirror to arm is nice and tight.
  8. TexAgg56

    New Bennington Owner

    lovely boat welcome to the Benny family!
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    pressure washed the pier and boat house. Ready for the summer on Lake Limestone.
  10. TexAgg56

    Club Jackets

    any update on this....been a year!....almost!
  11. TexAgg56

    New Boat Does Not Sit Level

    pretty much normal. It really shouldn't be exactly "Zero bubble level". Looks like a nice ride. ENJOY!
  12. TexAgg56

    Fuel capacity size

    well mine is a 2015 20SLX and its 24 gal. I've heard 24 is one of their standard sizes.
  13. TexAgg56

    Fishing rod storage

    what model boat you have? On my 20SLX, I discovered I cannot mount anything on the rails. Interferes with mooring cover. When all snapped on. It's tight as a drum. Can't have anything mounted to the rails. I have all mine mounted on my tow bar. That being said. If you don't have a mooring cover...
  14. TexAgg56

    Anyone here from Texas?

    Howdy gig'em. Welcome to the forum. We like in Bryan/College Station. We pretty much stay on Lake Conroe, Somerville, Gibbons Creek for fishing and Lake Travis and Canyon Lake. Give us a shout! WHOOP!
  15. TexAgg56

    I just went to look today.....

    Gig'em Aggies! WHOOP! Keep us posted, Take naps! Makes the time go by faster. plus you can dream about that Benny! You going to christen her with a bottle of Shiner? Can't wait to see the pics. One of my favorite color combos!
  16. TexAgg56

    Converting a seat to a live well

    Have you considered a live bait cooler? I have a '15 20SLX. No livewell. Love my Engel. My 2 cents. Good luck. If you do-it-yourself......we are all going to want to see pics! BTW....ditto on the "pontoonforums"!
  17. TexAgg56

    New purchased question/opinion

    chalk it up to "water under your boat"...;) All great advise and boat wisdom. You figure out one thing from this august collection of sea faring pontoon captains. They have great advise from experience and they can help you spend your money on "options and add-ons"! And we all love spending...
  18. TexAgg56

    I just went to look today.....

    Great looking Benny. From one Aggie to another...WHOOP! Got it from SMG Wake? That's my dealer! Great people. I think I saw that boat maybe 2 weeks ago when I was there. You will love owning a Benny! Stay active on the board! We love pics!
  19. TexAgg56

    New Benny

    Nice Bennington. Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting pics of your new ride!
  20. TexAgg56

    Melted black plastic? Dripped from what seems depth finder - 2003 Benny

    looks like the actual sealant put inside the transducer to keep it waterproof. Time for a new transducer. That one looks pretty "shot". Even if it's working now. My bet is, it won't be in several more trips. OR...When you actually need it! I hate transducer goo! The "New to you" '03 Benny...