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  1. TexAgg56

    How do I delete pics I uploaded

    How do I delete pics I either uploaded in the wrong album or just flat don't want on-line anymore. I wish them gone. Can I do that or does a site admin have to do that?? Thanks
  2. TexAgg56

    Fishing Rod Storage Suggestions

    I'll be taking my new 20SLX in on the 20th to get the extra installed. I figured I could do the fishing pole storage myself.   I really didn't want any screw holes in my rails. Well...come to find out. Not as easy as I had imagined! With the mooring cover on, everything I have installed needs to...
  3. TexAgg56

    Yamaha F70 rpm range issues

    I have a new Yamaha 70 on a 20SLX and it won't go above 4200 rpm. Only at 10 hours on breaking it in. Is this normal? IS there some sort of limiter kicking in early? Everything I am reading says it should be 5300-6300 at WOT? Could a better performance prop help that much? It has a SS prop on...
  4. TexAgg56

    Lake Conroe, Sam Rayburn, Somerville, Canyon Lake, Lake Travis

    New Bennington owner. 20SLX-YamahaF70. Just now adding all my "toys". Going to be traversing Texas and visiting many of the bigger lakes in our neck of the woods. Based out of Lake Conroe. Wondering if there are any other Bennington owners in these neck of the woods?  Any suggestions to lakes...