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    What is this?

    I found two of these on my boat underneath the rear seat. I have no idea what they go to. Any ideas? Anyone recognize them?
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    Tow mirror mount location

    So where is this supposed to mount? To the electric bimini rail? It looks like the mount is semi permanent as it's held on with machine bolts. Not something to take on and off quickly. I was told that this mirror costs $500 from the dealership from the guy I bought the boat from, that's...
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    Anchor light adjustable cam

    Within 2 hrs of receiving my boat, I managed to break the anchor light by lifting the rear seat up into it while the bimini top was down. Any idea where to get a replacement piece (locking cam), or do I need to buy a while new light and mounting assembly? Anyone have luck with a decent...
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    Boat Value

    I looked at NADA value, I can't believe its correct. Can anyone help me on the vale of a 2019 Bennington 23 SSBXP with 75hrs, auto bimini, kicker sound and a 250 yamaha SHO? It cost 68k new and now trade in of only 45k?