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  1. highpond

    Saying Good Bye For Now

    So, You think Bennington's hold their value. It may be, but the dealer has had mine since the second week in April on concession  It's still there. I'm not asking anymore than book. The boat buying season for 2016 use is about gone. Talk about frustration. I had hoped to just RV this summer this...
  2. highpond

    Saying Good Bye For Now

    The call of the road has pulled us over. We've put the Benny up for sale and we're buying a Motor Home. The experience here on the forum has been great. We've met a lot of new friends on the chats. Experienced some great ideas but it's time to move on. Thanks to all that have brought some...
  3. highpond


    NOW THAT MY BOATING SEAON HAS COME TO A CLOSE IT'S TIME TO FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO KEEP THE MIND BUSY Has anyone seen the new designs and color schemes  on the 2016 Benningtons. I took a look at a couple yesterday. beautiful color combinations. It's like the car industry, the basics stay the...
  4. highpond

    The End of a Great Boating Season

    Well Wednesday was the last of our Great Boating Season. We put over 60 hours on the Benny this year not counting the hours we were at anchor. The old '03 Motor did its job to perfection. We had two Great trips to Lake Murray, mid lands of SC and the rest at Lake Bowan. Saturday Benny gets the...
  5. highpond

    Help with the Swim Ladder

    OK so the new knee is working great. Thanks for the many well wishes. The next problem, on Tuesday we to Benny out to the lake and went for a swim. That was also enjoyable. The problem came about as I tried to get up the swim ladder. 4 steps. The new knee didn't want to bend up far enough to...
  6. highpond

    The shrink wrap is off

    I took the wrap off yesterday. Vacuumed the rug. Put 303 on the playpen cover. It took a gal.  Today I'll put in a new water separator canister. Then I'm adding a new in line gas filter that will be cut into the gas line  as an extra precaution and new plug wires. The weather will be in the high...
  7. highpond

    Snow in SC

    Has anyone here in the south had enough winter? The temp during the day is suppose to be 59 and what do we get, below freezing temps for a high. Then to make matters worse the news has spent 3 days talking about the "BIG SNOW STORM"  Well we got it last night. About 3"  The news during the...
  8. highpond

    Can you Believe?

    This is not why I moved to the south. 18 this morning, that's crazy. The average is 65 during the day and we may not get out of the 30's today. Tonight it's going to be in the LOW teens. But there is good news, the light at the end of this long tunnel is it may be back to 60+ by weeks end. Thank...
  9. highpond

    Remove the Sony Radio

    Does anyone take the Sony of your boat when it's put up for the winter?  I left mine on last year but was wondering if the winter weather and moisture will get inside. The second ? is how does it disconnect. I know that one button will disconnect the unit on the left side but does it swing out...
  10. highpond

    Lake Murrey SC

    Visited one of the Ville's at Draeher  Island Camp Ground yesterday What a beautiful set up. The Villas have just been renovated, new everything. Wife and I will be staying there next Wed to Fri.. Bringing Benny There's a dock there for 4 boats. A few years ago we camped there but since then the...
  11. highpond

    Gas pick up problem

    I have a question about gas pick up. When I run my motor for a while then stop at anchor to go swimming or have lunch , the motor will be shut off for an hour or two. When it's time to crank it up and get going I can go about 3 to 4  hundred yards and the motor will shut down, like it has used...
  12. highpond

    Dome letters and rubrail protectors

    Got my dome letters last week and officially named our Benny. The letters are great. "Chrome" They went on easy. and look great fantastic. Put them in a panel in front and over of the motor. This week I ordered the rub rail protector. Expect them in next week. $30.00 each. That may be a little...
  13. highpond

    Lake Bowen, SC.

    I see a lot of Benny's on the lake but never see anything on the forum from those owners. Just wondering if there are any Lake Bowen Captains out there that read or participate on the forum? We trailer to the lake during the week, no weekends, the lake is too busy and crazy 
  14. highpond

    Bimi Cover

    Well I did it yesterday. Had the Bimi set at Radar height and because I was have some motor issues the wife and I decided to go under a bridge to another part of the lake. We knew from the past the the Bimi had to be down all the way I forgot it was part way up an you guessed it we scrapped...
  15. highpond

    Sign In

    For a week or so, when I go into the forum I have to sigh in each time. Prior to that time it didn't require sign in every time you entered.. I always left the form without signing out, so the next time in I was already signed in. Did something change or is it my computer? I hate to do extra steps.
  16. highpond

    New Survey

    Hey all you newies. you'll be getting surveys to. I just go this little one in the mail. Bennington is doing what other Mfgs. don't FOLLOW-UP. It's only 6 pages should be done by night fall. Just kidding. If they follow through it's the company to do business with. They get "A" from me.
  17. highpond


    Spring has arriver in the Southeast. Today 40's, tomorrow 70's. Get the boat uncovered and get the first ride of the season Friday. :wub: :)
  18. highpond

    Photo in profile

    I've been trying to get a picture in the profile content but every time I try the answer comes back the the picture has too many mb. How do y'll get them in?  The best I've done is to have an (x) in my box. "Not Good" Make directions simple
  19. highpond

    303 or Scotch Guard

    Its coming to that time when I'll be taking off the shrink wrap and looking to water proof the Benny play pin cover. The price of both 303 Fabric Guard & Scotch Guard are about the same on E-Bay About $55.00 SG.  to $69.00 for 303 a gallion. I know some of ya'll have tried both. Now I'm trying...
  20. highpond

    303 or Scotch Guard

    Its coming to that time when I'll be taking off the shrink wrap and looking to water proof the Benny play pin cover. The price of both 303 Fabric Guard & Scotch Guard are about the same on E-Bay About $55.00 SG.  to $69.00 for 303 a gallion. I know some of ya'll have tried both. Now I'm trying...