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  1. Dave Tampa

    Anode part numbers

    I know on my 22SSBXP there are three zincs, and I want to replace on there rear of each toon, and one in the transom well. Other than calling my dealer, which is 400 miles away, I'd prefer to buy online and do myself. Does anyone have any detail on the code numbers so I can order...
  2. Dave Tampa

    Bottom Painting - DONE!!

    Here it is! Thanks to Rod and his team at ATW Marine in Tarpon Springs, FL, for the AWESOME bottom job! The before photos are after about five months in a wet slip, and that's with monthly cleaning! One photo shows a keel that came loose, Bennington was very cool about warrantying the welding...
  3. Dave Tampa

    Tube Painting for Salt Water

    Having the tubes on my 2017 22SSBXP bottom painted, and as you likely know, that paint is only for water line and below. My boat is black, and the bottom paint is also black, which leaves me silver colored tube in between bottom and panels. I'd like the entire tube to be black, what a cool...
  4. Dave Tampa

    Poles for Cover

    Tired of crappy telescopic poles that are $20 or so apiece...they last only so long..... So, 3 pieces of 1" PVC, 5 ft each then measured to fit each spot, three tennis balls (one for each pole) and for $11 I have three poles that will never collapse. Number each pole if you like as they are...
  5. Dave Tampa

    Table Modification

    I have a Trapezoid Table that came with my Benny...I'd like to drill through the cup recesses in order to accommodate Yeti type cups. I'll size it right, but curious as to difficulty in this project, has anyone done anything similar? And are we talking fiberglass table tops?
  6. Dave Tampa

    Bimini Top Question

    On my 22SSBXP toon, the bimini top frame is comprised of four crossbars, with the top's four zippered sleeves attached to each one. The cover and frame are fully functional, but the third crossbar from the front seems to slack forward, and not remain taut, and that portion of the bimini sags a...
  7. Dave Tampa

    Fuel and Trim Gauges

    On my 22SSBXP toon, the fuel gauge never seems to want to display totally full, anyone else experiencing this? Also, when motor is fully down or up, gauge needle will not reposition itself to show fully up or down. Anyone else experiencing this?
  8. Dave Tampa

    Floor Cleaning

    I have a 22SSBXP, with woven bamboo floor....just wondering if bleach is really that bad to use...especially under pop up enclosure area, water and dampness has really stained that area...ok, my fault for not checking regularly, I get it, but 303 ain't cutting it. Thoughts?