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    Lake Lanier GA / Lake Hartwell SC Suggestion

    Taking a month to get home from Anna Maria Island Fla I'm driving the Class A Motorhome and the wife is pulling the boat with pick up truck. Just set up at Lake Lanier staying at Duckett Mill Campground on the water for 1 week. 2nd Stop is Lake Hartwell S.C for (1) Week 3rd Stop is Norris...
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    Center Fuel Tank Option - Is There A Trade Off For it?

    When building a 2021 24LXSB with ESP .125 I notice that is you select the 24' toon size and then select the Center Tube Fuel Option it would not allow. The only way to get the Center Tube Fuel option is to select the ESP 23 Toon Package. After building the boat both ways the specs show same...
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    Yamaha 300HP DEC & Integrated Steering Options

    I could be totally wrong but don't recall this Integrated Steering Option Motor shown in the Build a Boat Site a few months ago? Visited the build a boat site today and noticed what I think is a new option in the Yamaha 300HP (see attachment) Found some data about a electrical steering upgrade...
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    Front Seat Sizes By Boat Lengths?

    Hi Seems like a simple question but I'm curious on the bench seating size in front of the helm. I have a 2015 - 22SCWX and close to ordering a 24LXSB and hoping someone has this answer. Since the 24LXSB is 2ft longer in both LOA and Deck Space are the seats in front of the helm longer than my...
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    Upgrading to 2021 23SSBX Last Day Questions

    Current boat is a 22SCWX Rear Loungers with SPS and 150HP Yamaha New boat will be a 2021 23SSBX ESP.125 (talk to Bennington to get the.125) Yamaha 250DEC based on reading post in the forum and the local dealer on Lake Erie carriers only Yamaha If anyone has similar package for sure get me...
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    20% Cut Out Seats - Thoughts

    Building a new boat using the build a boat site to replace our 22ft tri toon rear lounger. Considering the 80/20 cut out seat option with lighted speakers. Are there any negative to this option? Is this option standard on the Q/R series? Thanks in advance for your comments Pat
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    Black Out Package

    Anyone have any input on the black out packages is it mainly for the look? Is there any other benefit? FYI Our boat spends the winters in FLA in saltwater and salt air. If you select the black out package(s)and the black rub rail inserts the build a boat site will not allow you to have pop...
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    SPS Plus Toon Package Motor Size Question

    Hi We have a 2015 22ft SWCX Tri Toon with the SPS package and 150HP Yamaha and loved it. Our boating in mainly on the great lake and Gulf of Mexico. Both can have some ruff water days for sure. Have had our boat back to Elkhart for some toon leaks and repairs made. Last time there it was mention...
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    Water Appears to Be Flowing From Under Floor?

    I have some issues with welds on my 22ft Tri Toon which had me paying closer attention to the boats performance. Out boating I checked the rear of boat and noticed non stop water coming from the under floor and dumping in and around the engine well. Note: The boat was under power and on plane...
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    Front Bimini Tops Blew Off

    My front Bimini blew off while on trailering. The top was inside its boot , lowered all the way down, lightweight rope around the center and tied to front cleat. The bolts holding brackets pulled out and bent, plastic clips on both side cracked or missing. We back tracked and did not find the...
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    Help with Boat & Motor Weight

    Morning I’ve been pulling around the 2016 22Sx Rear Lounger with a Yamaha 150 on a load rite float on trailer with hydraulic assist brakes. The tow vehicle is a smaller motorhome and it been no problem. We travel with our Kayaks and have been putting them inside the boat which is not that easy...
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    Lake Kentucky 1st Timers

    We pulled our new Benny from flodded Ohio to kinda flooded Kentucky We are camping at Hillman Ferry Campground and the place is great with easy lauch and seems like alot of nice open and hidden coves to enjoy some boating. If anyone has any suggestion we are going to be hear for rest of this...
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    Final Details

    Down payment made on a 2015 22SCW on Friday and dealer will be sending in paperwork Monday The following are final details that I thinking about Not having the privacy lounge take up the space and use for storage.   Change to the Bimini top enclosure curtain (I have the power Bimini which...
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    2015 22 SCWX (New Order) Few Questions

    Ist of all I'm the same person that was ordering a 20SLMX and after a few trips to dealers and few hours of thinking I've changed my mind(not the first I'm sure) and going to upgrade (again not the first) We are not a few items away from giving the downpayment on a 2015 22SCWX Tri Toon SPS...
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    Ready to Order 2015 - 20SLMX

    Hello I used a forum to fine tune our new motorhome and thought I would reach out on the Bennington forum regarding our pontoon purchase. A little info on how we are going to be using the boat is a good start It will be towed behind our Motorhome is the reason staying on the smaller side with...
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    Ready to Order

    First I should say that me and lady leave in Michigan and have access to many inland lakes and have a camp site on a river leading to Lake Erie In winter will be traveling around the USA with a fifth wheel and the boat we decide upon.  The waters will be both salt and fresh The waters will be...