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  1. Baroda5

    No Sound from Stereo

    I'm looking for some insight from the group's audiophiles, my stereo will not work this year. I have a 2013, with a Sony Head unit, Sony dash mounted remote and the Wetsounds Sub and amps (not sure if they are Kicker), from the factory. The display on the head unit does not illuminate, the...
  2. Baroda5

    Portal Covers??

    My dealer recommended that I install screens over the Ports? on the center tube to keep out Muskrats.  Apparently they are really excited to find a manufactured home in the center tube, and then decide the fuel and steering lines are wonderful to chew on, causing a lot of tears and frustrations...
  3. Baroda5

    Phone storage solution

    I apologize if I've missed a post with a solution to this, but I'm still searching for the best place to have my phone near me at the helm, but not in the direct heat.  I just saw this head unit and wondered if anyone has any input on it?  Its the Fusion MS-UD650 and it has an integrated phone...
  4. Baroda5

    Any positive explanation for the boat listing?

    Any reason other than a toon taking on water for why our boat is listing 2 degrees (according to my iphone bubble level app)?  We haven't driven it long enough to tell if it is performing differently.  We have sealed strakes, it's possible one of them is leaking??   Any one else's boat list...
  5. Baroda5

    Finally!!! Boating in Michigan!

    This was the longest pre-season ever, but we finally found the water and it was a gorgeous day.  Sad to see her without a lift, but everyone else really likes the boat at pier level.  Since it's our first time docking, we had all kinds of buoys and pads, but I really like the big pier mounted...
  6. Baroda5

    Independence Day Parade

    Our neighboring lake has a parade every 4th of July.  The boats line up and everyone decorates the boats (crepe paper = BAD (stains vinyl)).  We are always trying to top all the other boats, but some of them are pretty good.  One had multiple people in full presidential costume with a Liberty...
  7. Baroda5

    Docking lines

    Do you use standard dock lines when docking against a pier, or do you use a bungee snubber line (like listed below)?
  8. Baroda5

    Trailering Motor Supports

    This conversation was started in another post, but I thought it was worthy of it's own Topic.  If I'm wrong, please let me know and I'll continue it on the initial thread. My 2013 Yamaha 300 is a V6, which I believe is the only engine that is referred to as a F300.  I'm not aware of a newer...
  9. Baroda5

    New Boat decision

    We have found a couple choices for a new boat.  Our growing family has us looking for more power to play on the water.  What are your thoughts on either: 2013 2575QCWT (Sport Tower), Yamaha 300hp, ESP, 50 hours or  2015 Harris 250SL/DL, loaded, Verado 250Pro, Tri Toon, brand new Both boats...
  10. Baroda5

    Throttle Lock-Out

    I brought this up in the Pontoon Ideas post, but I didn't want to hijack that thread. I completely agree with the practice of turning off the motor when anyone is near the prop. Coming from an inboard, I have to think and act differently. I will certainly make that a requirement. But just...
  11. Baroda5

    Online Boaters Safety Courses

    I'm sorry if this is old news or in the wrong place, but I just found out that Michigan has approved two online courses so you do not have to spend an entire day at a proctored exam!! I took it 20+ years ago, but my young bride has been skating the law every year on our Jet Skies. Mainly...
  12. Baroda5

    Bimini Color

    Is there any preference between the bimini colors? Does the cabin stay cooler with the taupe instead of the black? Does the black fade? Does the Black show more dirt noticeably? We take delivery on the 24th, and we can choose either color, the exterior is black. Any experience would be...