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  1. David G

    Trading Benny For a Surf boat

    Looks like my Grandkids win. We are trading in the Bennington R23 for a new Regal LS6 Surf. It had the best seating-almost Pontoon like vrs the others we looked at and the same dealership that has sold us our last 5 boats has Regals. I do miss the Hotrod feel of a good running bow rider so I...
  2. David G

    Yamaha 250 SHO vs 300

    I have a 2020 R-23 w/ Yamaha 250SHO with 2 on board 1/2 tank on a 85 deg day top up, I hit 46 MPH My neighbor has a 23' Harris with Mercury V-8 and my boat will walk off and leave him behind easy. His does have a tower and maybe a heavier boat.
  3. David G

    Our new LX

    Nice boat, love that it has a glove box. Looks like the LX series is 1 step above the R series.
  4. David G

    Prop test data

    I have seen that too, alos been in a dyno shop when they were testing 93 vrs 87 and it was a big gain.
  5. David G

    Another night time boat crash on my lake

    I am not following your view of ruin a good night on the lake. I dont run mine unless I start to see a reason too, like bass boats hauling ass without lights. I see alot of others running at night without their lights and it has not ruined my night. lol
  6. David G

    Prop test data

    Why would you think running 93 octane hurts performance?
  7. David G

    Another night time boat crash on my lake

    We boat at night or later evening regularly, We have slightly lighted channel markers, but we see bass boat coming in late evening without their nav lights on every night we are out. Driving pretty fast as well and we have had a couple close calls. I run my docking lights sometimes and when not...
  8. David G

    anybody make a locking gas cap for pontoon boats?

    I am not sure someone could steal gas from mine as I have a hard time adding fuel.
  9. David G

    Motor capabilities and ECU flashes

    I am thinking most who flash the motors to gain 50 horsepower are not going to contact their insurance or coastguard to tell them that the motor tag is really higher than the 200HP it says.
  10. David G

    Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    Dealer talked me into the extra wide chair too, wish I would have gotten the regular tall chair.
  11. David G

    Custom Fender Mounts

    I like the plastic clips for fenders so I can move them around as needed.
  12. David G

    Strakes on Center Tube Only

    Thats a good size load, I had a 22' w/ Yamaha 175 and with that load 35 is MAX
  13. David G

    Is this a great idea or what. Found on Facebook, Bennington pontoon owners

    Wont work on my new boat as motor goes into the well deep.
  14. David G

    Vmax vs standard F series yamaha

    The Yamaha 200 & 250 SHo are exactly the same motor minus a hotter tune and 250 requires 89 octane. Run 91 octane in both for prolonged periods at a high rate and i bet within 10 hrs running time they make the same power! I just raced my neighbors Mercury V-8 23' Harris against my Bennington...
  15. David G

    Yamaha V-Max 200-250

    There is a company that send out a flash tune for $1050 abouts that will retune a 200 to 338, or a 250 to 338 HP. He said they are the same motor but it is in the tune only. But Boat companies get you there.
  16. David G


    I thought it said NO WAKE ZONE? My boat makes a wake at anything over 6 MPH, 20 MPH is almost top speed for a lot of Pontoons.
  17. David G

    Yamaha V-Max 200-250

    These are exactly the same motors. The only difference is a computer tune? Every single thing is the same. All 3 motors can be tuned to make 338 HP. The 200/225/250 HP can all make exactly the same power--What a scam Yamaha has on this! The only thing different is that Yamaha recommends 90...
  18. David G

    ESP - adding it?

    I would not waste my money on the big center tube. I have driven with and without in a 25' and cannot tell the difference. My R23 has the heavy duty tow package and 3 25" tubes with a 250 and power steering and its fine.
  19. David G


    Very sad, but damm that guys reflexes were way off. I accidentally hit a bowie coming into my channel at night and as soon as I felt it I had the engine cut off way before it went past my motor. But he cut off motor in a no wake zone 30 yards after she fell. I think alcohol was involved.
  20. David G

    Use of 303 on Simtex

    I use it, looks great.