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  1. prd2hnt

    Assuming this will be warranty issue

    Thankfully. Waiting to go out once more before I take it in. Cracked helm.
  2. prd2hnt

    Hope this is a good thing, time will tell

    Bennington is a great company. Hopefully Polaris will leave them alone to continue to doing great work.
  3. prd2hnt

    Winter 'toonin'

    Who says you can't take your 'toon out in late November in Nebraska... 20171125_184555 by prd2hnt posted Nov 25, 2017 at 6:59 PM
  4. prd2hnt

    Good info on towing another boat on the water

    Boating mag article
  5. prd2hnt

    Future Benny owner

    This time with the image. First day on Lewis & Clark SD.
  6. prd2hnt

    Lake Oahe SD

    Went there for the first time last week. WOW. That thing is huge Benny did great. Do I get a prize for topic #7000?
  7. prd2hnt

    VHF handheld radios

    Do you have one? Which one? Have you used it?
  8. prd2hnt

    Interesting product

    Until I looked at the price.. Boat Time Products
  9. prd2hnt

    Omaha boat show

    Pontoons everywhere. I think it is safe to say there were more pontoons than any other type of boat. Our local Benny dealer had probably 15-20. Couple of nice Rs including a swingback. I have to say that wouldn't be my choice, but others obviously like them. The new vinyl is interesting...
  10. prd2hnt

    Touch-up paint

    So I pulled a cushion out of the boat a week ago for replacement under warranty.  Nice job Bennington. In the process I scratched the panel on the door. Bonehead. Not sure how I pulled that off. Called the dealer. Bennington doesn't have touch-up paint. I understand the panels are powder...
  11. prd2hnt

    new player - Ranger

    I have never seen powder coated tubes. Moderator edit: Link removed. One will have to do their own research on the competition. ;-)
  12. prd2hnt

    CIPA mirror

    Just a quick shout out to the CIPA company. Our mirror attachs to the square bimini frame and tightens with the a big nylon screw. When we were on LOTO I made a contribution to the bottom of the lake. Oops. I emailed CIPA, there were 2 of them waiting for me when we got home. I tried to pay...
  13. prd2hnt

    Perfect night to be on the water

    First real attempt with the Gopro.  The water was like glass. This is my 29 year old son. For those who wonder about a 150hp. 3 adults plus the boarder. Plan to do more tomorrow. 
  14. prd2hnt

    2 days on Lake of the Ozarks

    This is our second day on LOTO. Couple of thoughts; tritoon-yes. Power assist steering - next add-on. Pulling tubes today. Too hard to steer with one hand and a beer in the other. Kidding,  no drinking by the captain. Regardless, the power assist would be a nice addition. Love our Benny.
  15. prd2hnt

    Spare prop

    I have an old aluminum prop off a Merc I/O. It is 21 pitch. I know that is too much prop for the Benny. Any reason a shouldn't change out the hub and use it for a spare just to get us off the lake in an emergency? Brian
  16. prd2hnt

    Does this cover make my rear look big?

    Got my boat back from having a travel cover made. Really happy with it. I used the same guy who made the cover for our first pontoon 10 years ago. I was unsure of the design at first. I was originally going to have him make it like the mooring cover with cut-outs around the bimini frame and...
  17. prd2hnt

    Lake of the Ozarks

    We are headed to LOTO the first week of August. First time with the Benny. 10 years ago we had our Sundancer 20ft pontoon there. Clearly not enough boat for LOTO. We are going to be in Downing Branch Cove. Looks like we will launch from/near Bagwell Dam. Hope to leave the trailer there...
  18. prd2hnt

    Those who trailer

    I like to leave the front short of the stops on the steps. Keeps from rubbing on/marking the rub rail and tearing up the stops themselves. Most of the time it works fine. At other times the boat will slide forward to the stops. I always make sure the straps are on tight on the rear. I have...
  19. prd2hnt

    I see I made "Commodore"

    Do I get a hat or something?
  20. prd2hnt

    New grandfather - PFD for 6-12 month old

    We became grandparents on 11/1/15. Very excited to welcome Henry to the family. By the time we put our Bennie back in the water, he'll 7 or 8 moths old. Looking for suggestions for a PFD for him. Anybody have personal experience with one that you really like? Brian