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  1. prd2hnt

    Proper SUV for 21' SLX & 115hp motor

    We tow our 21 SLX with a Yammie 150 with a Tahoe with the 5.3. Tows great. Never an issue
  2. prd2hnt

    What did you name your boat?

    Happy Hours
  3. prd2hnt

    Well, we did it, POLISHED TOONS! Whatcha think?

    Stunning. Nothing else to say.
  4. prd2hnt

    Saying Hi From The Mitten

    Welcome aboard. Great people here when you have questions.
  5. prd2hnt

    Phone/Keys caddy

    We use something like this. Lots of different sizes available.
  6. prd2hnt

    How do you successfully launch a boat between a husband and wife!

    Ignore the haters at the ramp. Be deliberate, use the staging lanes, stay safe. Over time you will get comfortable with what you can do. Learn at your own pace.
  7. prd2hnt

    Carl Wagner (CWAG911)

    RIP Carl. Your contributions to this group will live on.
  8. prd2hnt

    Carl Wagner (CWAG911)

    My daughter is a pediatric intensive care unit nurse and runs the ECMO team. It is truly amazing technology. Good luck Carl.
  9. prd2hnt

    The Downpayment is In!

    That wasn't even staged. Just happened. I have 2 more grand-kids now. And 2 more on the way. I'll have to update the pic at some point. Grand-kids make life better....
  10. prd2hnt

    The Downpayment is In!

    Very nice. Congrats.
  11. prd2hnt

    Honest opinions needed for new boat build

    Wait a little longer. He'll come down even more....
  12. prd2hnt

    Do we have anything in the Bennington line that is rated for 425 HP?

    Holy cow! That thing is huge....
  13. prd2hnt

    Bennington Washdown System

    We took a path similar to Jeff. Simple 2 gallon weed spray. Works well for what we need.
  14. prd2hnt

    Well, it’s that time again.

    Um, yes.... Happy wife. Happy life.
  15. prd2hnt

    Well, it’s that time again.

    My wife loves Christmas trees. Christmas tree Christmas tree by prd2hnt posted Dec 17, 2018 at 5:18 PM Not sure how to label this one by prd2hnt posted Dec 17, 2018 at 5:18 PM Outdoor tree by prd2hnt posted Dec 17, 2018 at 5:11 PM The snowman by prd2hnt posted Dec 17, 2018 at 5:11 PM...
  16. prd2hnt

    raised dome registration numbers

    Jim, we did "Happy Ours". No pictures. Covered for the winter.
  17. prd2hnt

    Assuming this will be warranty issue

    Thankfully. Waiting to go out once more before I take it in. Cracked helm.
  18. 20180807_202225


    Cracked helm
  19. prd2hnt

    New purchase advice needed

    I have a 150 with the Sea Star, not powered. Works for us. I'd like to have the power assist, just haven't ponied up the dollars yet. As far as the motor size, nobody ever wished they had less HP.
  20. prd2hnt

    Plastic Bimini Knobs

    I have the same issue. One broke last time out. Have some research to do.