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    For you Michigan fishermen......
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    We were on a plane last Friday on Carl's anniversary of his death. Can you believe it's been 2 yrs?!?
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    Prop lock......

    Okay I finally ordered a prop lock for my current boat. It's going to be stored on a lift in a No Wake zone near a popular cove where golfers have to hit over the water/boats to the green. So alot of boat traffic will be going by. For my Mercury 150 I ordered the McGard 74039 from
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    Opportunity to use a lift....

    Don't know if you guys remember but our neighbor sold the waterfront lot across the street from our house where we have kept our boat/s for the last 6 years. So the search has been on to find another home for our boat. Well we found one. About a 5 or 6 minute drive away in the next neighborhood...
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    Patoka Lake, Indiana fire....

    Any members on here from Patoka Lake Indiana?!?
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    600 HP V 12 Mercury Verado.....

    Have you heard about this?!?
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    Ceramic coating.

    Who's familiar with the ceramic coating of pontoons?!? There's a new detail shop that opened up near us. They'll detail anything and everything! Anyway I saw the sign for ceramic coating. So I went in and asked about the process (Very similar to Shark hide) and of course the price to do 3 entire...
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    Charging duel batteries

    My current boat has a built in charger to charge the batteries. Just plug it in and that's it. But here's the question that I can't find in the owners manual. When I plug it in do I have to do anything with the duel battery switch?!? Or just leave it be and the charger charges both automatically?
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    Bennington boats for sale in Australia.....

    Check out the listings for Benny's for sale down under. Some seem reasonable. Some are so high I thought they were typos.... httpss://
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    Raising a glass (or 2) for a better year!!!
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    Get in the spirit!

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    Mercury extended coverage.....

    This was our first year with our Mercury 150 outboard. Couldn't be happier with it's holeshot, quiet operation, and overall performance. Today Mercury sent me a Platinum extended service warranty offer for when my original warranty expires in 2022. For an additional 5 yrs. of coverage Mercury...
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    Major boat shows to be cancelled in 2021
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    Double Bimini top.....

    Went to a concert by boat last night. A local artist plays on a dock in a cove and all of the boats anchor or raft up. On the way there is a low railroad trestle bridge. Well the biminis had to be taken down and put in the trailer position to fit under. Then once under we had to reassemble...
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    Mini barnacles in a fresh water lake?!

    Anchored in a No Wake cove today and after lunch decided to do some pontoon and outboard cleaning. Felt little "bumps" on the outboard and found this. Some can be scraped off with my fingernail and some can be rubbed off with a rag. Some break when you try to scrape it and turns white. Some...
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    Has our Michigan members heard of this???
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    Lake Lanier, Georgia

    Can you imagine this happening on your lake???
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    She never should have been riding up there in the first place!
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    Simrad 5 inaccurate depth reading.

    My wife and I are on the boat and we just cut across the main channel. Been in this area hundreds of times. Simrad depth is reading 3+ feet. We are in at least 35/40 feet of water Everything else is accurate. I'm going to check transducer placement when we stop. WTH? Ideas? I've already...
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    Deleted thread....

    My apologies to the moderators. I should have seen the entire video before posting. Didn't realize they solicited at the conclusion.......