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  1. mattb

    Dock talk...literally.

    I found this around Labor day, 1976 Kayot, trailer, 04 9.9 Merc. $400. Sold the motor, trailer for $1000. Now comes disassemble Johnny 5. Playpen is probably worth another $50 Moving front crossmember to rear to move deck back for a ladder. That's it till spring.
  2. mattb

    Boat Accessories Catalog 2017

    Found this linked on my dealers home page.  Get them Visa cards out boys, lots of stuff.{%22issue_id%22:379066,%22page%22:0}
  3. mattb

    Adding Graphics

    I know BK is getting his wrapped.  Anyone else think about or actually add factory or aftermarket graphics?  I just emailed BM to see if they are available thru the dealer.  There is a local print shop that can probably make whatever I want.  Thoughts?  Sources?  Thanks.
  4. mattb

    Rides for veterans

    We went to the American Legion hall for pancake day this morning, my wife I and wondered if any vets would like to go boating.  We decided next pancake day we will inquire and see if there is any interest.  My parents are veterans but due to age and health do not get out much, I really wish they...
  5. mattb

    July 4 fireworks on the lake

    Hi all.  We went to Lake Webster IN. this year and had a very nice show for the 4th.  I would like to make fireworks on a lake an annual trip.  Anyone care to recommend a lake/river for next year?  Thanks.
  6. mattb

    Boating Web Cams

     I watched my wifes cruise ship leave Port Everglades a couple years back and we've been to Conley Bottom.  Anybody else got some free, boating webcam links to share?
  7. mattb

    Norris lake suggestions

    Anybody like to chime in on accommodations at Norris?  Been to Cumberland and Dale Hollow, looking at Norris next.  Overnight room, lodge, cabin, B&B, marina, natural features.  Thanks.