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    Power Pole install

    Recently added a 10’ Blade power pole on our 2375 GCW. Utilized the new style mount as we did not want anything attached to the top side of the deck (the kids enjoy jumping off the deck). I did not have to cut the M brace to install the back plate, only drilled four holes on each side for the...
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    Sea Legs/Ultra Legs at the sandbar??

    We have had our Bennington for three years now and lately I was looking at adding Sea Legs or Ultra Legs to our boat. I wanted to see if anyone else in the Florida area has had experience with them. My main purpose for them is to pull up at the sandbar and just press a button to anchor and the...
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    Trolling motor install questions

    I am looking to add a trolling motor (Minnkota Ulterra 80lbs Riptide) to my 2375GCW. I want to use a quick release mount to be able to remove the trolling motor. If I install it front and center I believe it will have to be removed before putting the boat on the trailer, unless there was a mount...