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    Tick tock! Boat Delivered to House for Some Prep!

    Very nice! When was your order date?
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    Bennington Production Delays

    Did your 20SLG get delivered?
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    20' SLG Tri-Toon Prop

    Thank you for the info
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    20' SLG Tri-Toon Prop

    What kind of speed are you getting at WOT?
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    20' SLG Tri-Toon Prop

    Anyone out there have a 20' tri-toon with a 115 yamaha? Looking for advice on prop size. This is a new boat and I have not taken delivery on it yet. I had a pontoon prior to this boat and ran a 4 blade prop on 90hp merc. Any advice would be greatly appeciated. Thanks
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    Cordless tool battery hack..... Worked for me.

    Good info. Thanks for the share
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    Yamaha 115 vs. 115 VMax

    The 20 SLG is only rated to max 115 HP
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    Yamaha 115 vs. 115 VMax

    I just put a deposit on a new Bennington 20' SLG tri-toon, and it comes with the standard Yamaha 115. Is there much difference upgrading to the Vmax? I was told that the Vmax is a much longer wait time to get. Possibly into late spring, early summer. Any thoughts?