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    Show Boat Custom Coating- Ceramic Coating

    Does anyone have experience with ShowBoatCustomCoating in Ft. Lauderdale. My local detailer says they sell a ceramic coating that has been proven to last 10 years. He suggests that I go the extra expense and get it done. Says in the long run it is cheaper since I do not have to do the annual...
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    Shallow dock

    So I have the opportunity to get a shallow water dock to leave my potoon in water over the summer. I measured the water at low tide and it is 18 inches. My pontoon water line is 16 inches at the back stern. Only 7 inches at bow. I an concerned that there will be times the back of my pontoon will...
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    Florida Keys Pontoon Cleaning

    Wondering if there are any members here in the Florida Keys. I am looking for a referral to get my pontoon tubes cleaned and polished. The tubes have bottom anti-foul paint but the tops need cleaning of minor aluminum rust and then afterward polished and protectant applied. I have no idea...
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    Painting Tubes

    Has anyone painted their tunes completely with anti foul paint? Benninton is suggesting i do that to prevent my tubes from saltwater oxidation and I would like to know how its worked. Think it would look terrible but willing to try.
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    White Rust oxidation at waterline

    I live in key largo and put my pontoon in water for the summer months, store in winter. This is 3rd summer in saltwater. I painted with antifoul paint when purchased and had to repaint beginning 2020 summer. When I pulled pontoon out a couple weeks ago I found that there is white rust at...
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    Waterproofing cover

    My pontoon cover is losing its ability to repel water. I would like to treat again with some waterproofing application but don't know what to buy since it is quite large. Can someone please make a recommendation? Thank you
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    Water in Seats- how to make drain holes

    So my seats take on water every time it rains and I have it uncovered. Since it is in the water full time it sits at an angle and all the water goes to the back of the bottom of the seats. One in particular takes on a lot of water. I plan on making some drain holes at the bottom (there are...
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    Black residue on pontoons

    Since I have my pontoon in saltwater 24/7 I spray the pontoons and underside with freshwater after use. My boat has been in for 2 weeks now and today when I sprayed under the boat I saw that the water I sprayed on top of pontoon where the M brackets are came down with massive amounts of black...
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    150HP WOT RPM

    So today I took my 23Slx out for the second time. It is at 3.5 hours and I took it to wide open throttle because break-in procedure said i can do it for less than 5 minutes and I wanted to see how it performed. My 150hp LB Yamaha has a merc mirage plus prop 15p which they are changing out due...
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    Low idles noise

    So I got my Bennington 23slxdx yesterday and today we took it for a spin. It ran great but the Yamaha 4 stroke F150LB does not like to run at anything below 1200 rpm. I cannot dock safely in my canal with engine this high and when I have it around 800 RPM it sounds like my old 2 stroke did when...
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    Express Tube Anode

    I have been reading on this forum some horror stories about pitting on tubes. After much research I found out that the best defense is to make sure the anodes are installed correctly and that there is plenty of material on anodes. I do not have my pontoon yet but I did go over to see it (it is...
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    Pontoon in the Florida Keys

    Just purchased a 23 sslxd with 150hp yamaha express package in key largo. Previous boat was a 21' dual console with a 150hp Yamaha. Our normal outings are to nearby "beaches" on bayside with a few to white bank patches and Rodriguez Key on Oceanside. Only go to oceanside when seas are 2' or...