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    DIY Ramp - Slide out / 10ft. (introduction... it's not mounted yet)

    Hi all- just sharing a project I've been working on (albeit somewhat slowly). Long story short, couldn't really find an under-deck ramp (or doggy ladder) which would suit my needs at a decent price. The ramp I built needs to be long enough so that when my 23SXP is anchored, it can extend...
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    Experiences at sea - Vineyard Sound (East Falmouth to Martha's Vineyard)

    Hi all, Just want to add some of my experiences so far with running from East Falmouth to Martha's Vineyard. Prior to buying my 23SXP / 200hp (salt water edition) last year, I was looking for insights from owners in New England on their experiences running over to Martha's Vineyard. At that...