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    New 2021 catalog

    Personally disappointed. Compared to to 2020 with all model floor plans this has none. If I was planning on ordering from the catalog, my boat which is on order, isn’t even listed. Just my opinion.
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    Fishing options

    I am really confused and I hope the anglers on the forum can help. I ordered the 22LSAPG series with the rear fishing station. Had to order the L because I wanted the rear swim platform which is no longer available in the S series for 2021. Now to my questions for help. What trolling motor...
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    Center pontoon storage

    My first post Maybe this was talked about and addressed by another but.....Since I’ve seen several discussions I want to add mine. I’ve ordered a new L series and the optional center storage which is about 1k to put the hole in my boat. I don’t understand the logic in placing slots in the...