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    Production delays II

    Because of what I’ve been reading on Club Bennington I pushed back on my dealer who was telling me that he has no build or delivery info on the 23LSAPG that I ordered on January 20. A day later he called and told me that my boat is built except for a section of railing that will be done in a day...
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    Production delays II

    I ordered a 23LSAPG on January 20 and was told delivery in May. At this point I’ve heard nothing that makes me optimistic. Any update on your boat?
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    Comment by 'WATERWAY' in media 'Sand Bar in Strathmere, NJ'

    I‘m a new member and I recently ordered a 23 Lsapg. I’m 73 years old and have been boating most of my life mostly with Grady Whites. This will be my first pontoon. I happened to be looking at the photos and noticed your nice looking Uncle Meanie Somehow I doubt it but I read the captions and saw...