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  1. Wild and Free

    2011 GCW ESP upgrading to Evinrude G2 250 HO

    As title describes i am looking at upgrading my 2011 GCW 2250 ESP 60 gallon fuel cell from a yamaha F150 to an Evinrude G2 E-Tec 250 HO with 20" shaft. Dealers say The three blade stainless Rebel TBX Evinrude series prop is the best for the pontoon but nobody has a good starting point for...
  2. Wild and Free

    3K lb great White from Lake michigan!

    Holy crap who would have guessed. That is one big arse fish to boot.
  3. Wild and Free

    Decals or clean black?

    Toon was hailed on twice last year and luckily both times on the same side within a week. Same side got it a few years earlier too. Waiting on one more panel from Benny to finish it off but my wife an I both love the look of it with no decals on the side. Here are some pics of both sides as...
  4. Wild and Free

    Anyone notice me missing for a while?

    Just checking in. Have not been on this site for a long while, I got an e-mail notice about a couple of comments on a photo in my album. I logged in to reply and figured I would stop in to say hi again. What's new here? Can't remember the last time I checked in must be a year or longer I'm guessing.
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    North Dakota State U. the drive for 5 Championships

    Well the "Thundering herd" The NDSU Bison are well on their way to making NCAA college history in the FCA football division. The game is on ESPN2 and it end of the 1st half and they are totally handling 2015 #1 Team Jacksonville state 24-0. If the Bison win they are in the history books for...
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    Just dreaming

    Of winning the 500 million lump sum payout so I can order my "Q" series dinghy to run to shore and back from my floating mobile home. lol :D Nothing to extravagant though want to keep it realistic. thinking something like this would work for me.
  7. Wild and Free

    Yeti talk.

    Dropped some coin on a new Yeti Tundra 75 on a buy it now deal with free shipping off ebay a few weeks ago for 400 bucks and picked up a Yeti tie down kit at a local sports store to which I mounted it to my rear deck, width wise it fit perfectly and the tie downs sit on the aluminum rails. Put...
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    PSA Boat ramp etiquette
  9. Wild and Free

    How to dock like a boss!

    Someone caught me on camera so I figured I would share with all. :P  
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    salt water trailers, aluminum or galvanized?

    For those of you in the salt water or brackish water areas what is the best route to go for a trailer in your opinions, galvanized or aluminum? As far as options goes on the trailer as well aluminum or stainless steel for fenders and wheels? I am looking at options and my next trailer will be...
  11. Wild and Free

    Benny model # question 50 versus 75

    Having been around Bennington and owning my second one know the first 2 numbers of the model are deck length but what do the last 2 numbers mean? I have only seen 50 and 75 as the last 2 numbers, I know the letters have meaning as to the floor plan layouts but have yet to figure out the 50 and...
  12. Wild and Free

    Trailer guide ons

    Figured as long as I was in picture mode and it takes months for me to get around to these things I would do it all at once. Took a couple shots of how I modified my factory Shorelandr' trailer guide ons. They amounted to a 2X4 steel tube with a carpeted 2X4 bolted to the outer side of it which...
  13. Wild and Free

    Yamaha My Wedge

    Figured I would throw out a bit of warning information I learned the hard way. I use a My Wedge as a transom saver to keep the engine elevated during transport. Yamaha has 3 engine lift cylinders 2 of which are for when the engine is in operation mode and the 3rd or the center one takes the...
  14. Wild and Free

    Trailer Bunk Board replacement option

    I have been searching for a good upgrade from carpeted wooden bunks and I have been using some pvc product that screwed to the top of the bunk but in the end they are still wood bunks that rot out so had been searching for another product and think I found the product I am going to replace my...
  15. Wild and Free

    Anybody here have a OUPV six pack liscense?

    Just wondering if we have any "Official" boat captains on the site who have taken the Coat guard (OUPV)- Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels Or "six pack" certification course as it is referred too, or have full fledged 25-50 or 100 ton inspected vessel captains certification? If so are...
  16. Wild and Free

    Hearing Aids

    I am looking to see if any members here have any hearing impairments and what you find to be the best hearing aids out there. quality, warranty, digital, blue tooth compatible what other options there are out there in the ear behind the ear tubes ect what are your experiences? I have 75%...
  17. Wild and Free

    Dang dealer screw ups!

    This weekend I Just happened to notice the dealer didn't get the right graphics on the straboard side when they replaced the hail damaged panels this spring. The first pic shows the dealers screw up as you can see after you look at the second pic the top / front Gold stripe is too short compared...
  18. Wild and Free

    Scratched vinyl flooring!!

    I have had TWO 18" long scratches in the vinyl flooring behind the bow gate I have not been able to figure out where they came from................Until today! I was sitting there looking at the two 18" long scratches in my vinyl flooring and stewing about them and wondering how they got there...
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    Some interesting info for you f150 yamaha folks.

    If you ever start hearing a funny noise coming from your engine read this thread on the balancer gear issues Yamaha has. There are many videos on youtube that demonstrate the noise before and after...
  20. Wild and Free

    Yamaha F150 water pump time again

    Well headed out the door to try and replace my first water pump on my 07 f150 Yamaha. Last weekend I got a call from the warning buzzer for a hot engine one long solid alarm, well this water pump has approx. 250 hours on it anyways so it is due. I know I sucked some sand though it a couple...