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  1. Long Ear Brewery

    Sad day - pulled the 'toon off the lake

    'Twas a sad day yesterday. I finally had to pull the boat and start prepping it for storage. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, considering it was the first time I did it without a dealership techie helping out. I think next time I will soap down the carpet on the bunks so the...
  2. Long Ear Brewery

    Ack!! Did I do some damage?

    Took the kids out tubing with my t50 powered 20SF. Used a 12' Airbuddy tube harness, which seemed to work great at first. However, due to inattention, the harness cable was caught by the prop between riders (Operator error :( ) The engine seems to run just fine, but now I'm getting surface...
  3. Long Ear Brewery

    Scarey people on the lake

    The other day my wife and I were out cruising and lounging. There was another 'toon nearby; Three boys were jumping into the water, mom was lounging, dad at the helm. Soon, dad started the motor while two of the boys held onto the deck and strakes as he put it in gear. The boys seemed to...
  4. Long Ear Brewery

    Name graphic and registration numbers

    Finally got my title and regisration numbers. My stepson did a graphic for the stern, naming our boat after one of our dogs
  5. Long Ear Brewery

    Pulling tubes - where to find a bar?

    My wife wants to pull tubes with our 20SF. I see under another topic from Bennington the engineers advise against using the U-bolts on the stern. How does anyone else pull tubes, and can I get a tow bar for my boat?
  6. Long Ear Brewery

    Wife has P.A.D.s!

    Sat out in the boat the other day. We've had our 20SF for one month. She already wants to upgrade.......anyone else have this happen so swiftly?
  7. Long Ear Brewery

    How NOT to turn your boat around

    I'm not sure if this has been posted, but it is humorous and sickening at the same time...
  8. Long Ear Brewery

    Week Long Lay-up

    The parts I ordered with my boat are finally in, and the dealer came and picked up my boat this morning.  Since this is my first boat bigger than a 14' aluminum boat, it was fun fighting the stiff wind while loading on the trailer. When I get my boat back, I will have a 20' SF with tilt...
  9. Long Ear Brewery

    Toonmate Pontoon Guards

    Has anyone tried these? Sounds like a good idea -
  10. Long Ear Brewery

    Bow Gates

    I bought a 20 footer with the fishing package. The bow gate is set up with a large opening for a trolling motor. Is it possible to get a regular gate with a smaller opening? We have 3 smaller dogs, and would like to take them along on the boat without worrying whether they might slip out...