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    Good Bye 2016

    So my ultra long Wisconsin boating season has come to an end (June-September).  Had the boat pulled today to close the season.  Too many sporting activities for the kids over the next month to leave it in any longer as it would just sit there.  Of note, I have lost 11-12 mph off my top speed...
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    Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    This topic came to mind after reading another thread in which a new purchase morphed into a discussion about the size of the motor.  I am not sure if this exists already, but I thought it would be a good spot for owners to communicate their regrets or mistakes when purchasing their boat.  Thus...
  3. J

    Bird Deterrents

    Does anybody have any good ideas or links to bird deterrents for a Bennington? I see a few other pontoon brands on my lake seem to include the poles and lines similar to a lot of the Cobalts. My cover looks as if it was the only one targeted this past weekend.
  4. J

    Sony Rm-x60m remote display problem

    So I have an interesting problem. I can control my head unit with my dash remote, but the screen is blank. It looks like there are two cords running from the remote to the head unit. I have disconnected and reconnected all the connections, but no luck with any display. Any ideas?
  5. J

    Rail Width

    Offhand, can anybody tell me the width of the rail on the Bennington? Thanks in advance. The website seems to suggest the Bimini is 1.25" and I think they are the same, but my boat is in storage right now. I cannot find anything specifically mentioning the rail.
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    Yeti soft cooler

    Does anybody have any experience with these? Are they that much better than the AO coolers?
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    Forum Cost

    How much did it cost you to join this forum? I would say it only cost me about 10k in upgrades last year! And a serious envy for those of you with the 2350's and a 300 this year. Good thing I have a wife...
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    Dealer/prop question

    Which owners had a dealer that either tried multiple props or adjusted the mounting position of the motor to maximize performance?
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    Has anybody had their prop customized?

    Just curious if anybody has had their prop customized? I've seen mention of bblades, dah props, marks high performance propellers, amongst others. Any thoughts?
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    Kicker sub and amp?

    What happened to the wet sounds amp and sub? Also, the wet sounds speaker upgrade is listed for $347 now. This used to be $900+. How could this be unless they are substituting the 65i's for the 650's.
  11. J

    23' R series with F300

    Anybody out there yet with the F300 on a 23' R. If so, what speed are you seeing at WOT?
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    Off season upgrades

    So I will be pulling my boat off the water this Wednesday. What a crazy cool summer in Wisconsin. We had a hard time hitting 80 most of the time. Hopefully next year will be warmer and much earlier (ice til April). So what upgrades are members planning? I was hoping to get the wet sounds...
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    In the water all season slow down

    To all that keep their boat in the water full time, Has anybody else slowed down 10 mph or more during the course of the season. I have cleaned the outside toons several times during the year, but have a hard time with the center one (ESP package). I have a 225 sho which is not a small motor...
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    ESP Center tube bilge pump

    To all with the ESP in floor storage, Do you have any water that remains in the bottom of the tube after operating your bilge pump? I have an inch or two at the very bottom at all times. Is this normal or should it be bone dry? Thanks in advance.
  15. J

    Where did wet sounds sub and amp go?

    It looks like they replaced the wet sounds system with a kicker one. Also, the price of the wet sounds speaker upgrade dropped over $500. I would have taken that upgrade in a minute. Interesting
  16. J

    Motor upgrade timing

    Any ideas on the best time to approach my dealer about upgrading my motor? It will only have one year on it, probably about 40-50 hours at the end of the season. Should I do it now in the middle of the season, end of boating season, middle of winter, boat shows? I am sure yamaha must have an...
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    Tower speakers on a non-tower boat

    Has anybody ever seen this? Is it at all possible? Derrick, input?
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    Cleaning question

    I think jack m mentioned that he uses mother's marine wax on the engine cover and side panels. Is there something I should use first to clean the water marks off as well as any dirt. Thanks in advance, you guys are awesome!
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    Yamaha cotter pin

    Tried to change my prop this past weekend. I have the vmax sho 225. I had a hell of a time trying to get the cotter pin out. I had needle nose pliers and managed to straighten the pin out and pull it halfway out. However, I could not pull it any further and became nervous about not being...
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    Clothing dye on seats

    Anybody know how to get out blue clothing dye from a cheap sarong? 303 is not working