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    Picking up our 1st Bennington Friday!!

    Sharp looking decals! Paint is good colors also.Too bad it’s not a Bennington... ;)
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    Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Happy birthday peeruwp! Hope you are enjoying your new boat!
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    Any suggestions on changing the pitch of my prop?

    This is from CLDave. He was installing underwater lights but basically the same location for the transducer. Maybe this will help. You could search transducer or underwater lighting and possibly find more suggestions. Good luck!
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    Time to upgrade the R23

    That is impressive. My 26 LX with the 300 tops out around 47. I would guess the Q with the tower would have weighed more than mine. I’d be interested in what prop you are using too.
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    Any advice on adding a new stereo?

    As I suggested check this out. Bennington uses it as the upgraded head unit and it's not bad. If the hole in the dash is a 3 inch hole this would fit with no modifications. I would definitely recommend getting an app though to give you better sound...
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    Bennington Customer Service

    She is very helpful! I spoke with her several times when ordering my boat and she was always very timely and got me in touch with the right people. Bennington should give her a shout out for her excellent customer service!
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    Production delays II

    The bigger question is does your dealer have your motor in stock? Not worth you doing all the research and having the expense of transportation if it’s just going to sit at the dealer for 3 weeks or longer while they wait for the motor. I know they typically wait for a full load to go to your...
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    Any advice on adding a new stereo?

    Many excellent suggestions. If you are boating where you get good cell reception then it is most economical to get a SiriusXM app on your phone and stream it to your head unit. If you don’t want to cut into your dash the Rockford PMX-2 is the upgraded head unit Bennington goes with now and will...
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    Retired Boat 1 and Boat 2 hit the Water

    Sharp looking boat! You will really enjoy that setup and the 300 will put a smile on your face! In my 26 LX I can hit about 46-47 so you should be just under 50. Love the colors and the double Bimini looks great! Get out and enjoy the summer.
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    Production delays II

    XCA is the previous generation motor. XCB is the new one that replaced it. Still a great motor and you don’t have to wait months. Enjoy and happy boating!
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    Can my battery be moved??

    Pictures??? ;)
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    Production delays II

    I know the 300’s have started shipping as I got the first one from my dealership. They took a while to get to my dealer. I see the new VMax motors should be in production so let’s hope. I found some videos of the new VMax online and it does look sharp. Here is the new 300. Good luck!
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    Production delays II

    The biggest worry will be the motor. Check with your dealer to see when your motor is scheduled for delivery. It’s worth the wait but hard to sit there on those nice days.
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    Simrad water depth chart display

    Here’s what mine is doing. If I zoom out 5 miles or more it shows the lakes in my area. Then if I hit the zoom button or pinch to zoom it just goes brown. I hit clear cursor and checked that it was on C-map but nothing seems to cooperate. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks all!
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    New Problems - Near Electrical Fire

    As you know Minnesota has a short summer but if you ever find yourself near Fargo drop me a message.
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    Tri-toon Trailer - Weight Distribution Hitch System?

    I’ve thought about this too. Just because your vehicle says it “can” tow say 5,000 lbs you may be over loaded at 4500 lbs. You also need to look at payload. That can be more important (I’m new to pulling but watched lots of YouTube videos on this as I have a camper and now the boat). I will...
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    New Problems - Near Electrical Fire

    And I’m sure at least a couple in Minnesota! :cool:
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    Upholstery replacement

    It’s on the right rear of the boat by the boarding ladder by the rub rail. Shouldn’t be too hard to find. ;)
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    Cleaning Sawgrass Flooring

    Glad to hear a real world review. The one I ordered is 350 PSI so should be perfect for spraying down the deck and seats. Wanted something for when we are swimming at the sandbar and dragging muck onto the boat. For the toons I have a 2000 PSI sprayer at home I will use when it’s on the trailer...
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    Can my battery be moved??

    Yup, fuel tank and two batteries. The door for the changing room is barely a foot? Would be hard getting a porti potty in there or using it. I believe due to the table being in the rear it is not possible (without a redesign) to do a center toon fuel tank. I really wish Bennington could...