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  1. ErinnDan

    Replacing Registration Numbers on Gel Coat

    We recently moved to upstate NY, and I now need to remove and replace my registration numbers on my 2013 20SLX. I already have my new numbers from BoatUS and can install myself. However my concern is removing the old registration numbers without damaging the gel coat. Any suggestions? Thanks in...
  2. ErinnDan

    Leaking Live well

    Has anyone else experienced a live well that has begun to leak? It's very slow and seems like it's coming from the area around one of the screws in the bottom of the well, I've contacted my dealer. Is there a quick fix? Maybe loosen the screw and use some silicone? Let me know, thanks...
  3. ErinnDan

    Quick Clips On Playpen Cover-Can They Be Added After Cover Has Snaps On It?

    Love the quick clips, 3 years in and not one problem.
  4. ErinnDan

    Yamaha 70hp twp stroke

    Get a 4 stroke.
  5. ErinnDan

    Boat soaked after rain

    My cover keeps the boat dry, even in the heaviest of rains. I applied a full gallon of 303 Protectant this season, worked better than I thought it ever would. After 2 seasons, prior to the application of the 303, the cover had lost some of it’s repellency.
  6. ErinnDan

    Replacing echo101, has anyone done it?

    I replaced the 100 with a Garmin 301 DV... works great.
  7. ErinnDan

    Splash Deflector Replaced & Looks Great

    My dealer / marina had dinged my port side splash deflector during winter storage. They took responsibility and ordered the part for the repair. I picked the boat up this week and it looks great. The boat was trailered over to a master welder who does all of their work. The damaged deflector...
  8. ErinnDan

    Damage To Port Side Tube "Wing"

    Had the splash deflector replaced last week, and it looks great! Thanks again for all the input.
  9. ErinnDan

    prop for F70 on 2014 sfx

    That's about what I get with the f70 on my 20 SLX.... I would be interested to know which exact prop I could upgrade to.
  10. ErinnDan

    2014 SF20 70HP Yamaha Top Speed

    Suggestions? Maybe Bennington should start providing the best available props, for their industry leading boats. I would have appreciated, at least, to have been offered the option of an upgrade. What kind of performance could I expect from a better prop?
  11. ErinnDan

    2014 SF20 70HP Yamaha Top Speed

    WOT today, 5400 rpm, 22.5 mph.
  12. ErinnDan

    2014 SF20 70HP Yamaha Top Speed

    My 20 SLX does about 20 mph at 5000 rpm. I don't really push it any harder.
  13. ErinnDan

    One Speaker Not Working

    We have one speaker not working under a bench seat. I pulled everything out of there and made sure everything behind the speaker was connected, which it was. Not sure where to look next. Any thoughts?
  14. ErinnDan

    303 fabric guard.

    I purchased a gallon of the 303 Fabric Gaurd and applied it to my playpen cover. I was skeptical, however I am now beyond impressed with how well the product worked. My cover is like new again, water beads up and rolls off, and overall it keeps more moisture out. I think I may start applying it...
  15. ErinnDan

    Hour meter question

    I thought it was engine running time only. Although I guess it could be key on time too, as I always have my key turned back and off when not running the engine.
  16. ErinnDan

    Trolling motor on tritoon part-time

    Ipilot hand held control is perfect. You can control the boat from anywhere. Here is the motor I have mounted on our 20SLX. I have it mounted on a quick release plate, off center so it lays under my trolling...
  17. ErinnDan

    Swimsuit Ink Stain on Seat Back?

    Someone's swimsuit must have stained a spot on one of my seat backs. The ink seems like it's in there pretty good. Is there anything I can do to remove it?
  18. ErinnDan

    Yamaha F 90hp outboard 4 stroke - fuel injected WOT question

    I have a 20 SLX, and run 22 mph at 5700 rpm maxed out. 2013 70 hp Yamaha, 200+ hours so far
  19. ErinnDan

    Keeping My Engine Trimmed Down While Docked

    I have been reading that most people trim their engines up out of the water while not in use. I had previously been told it was better to keep the engine in the water while docked. Looking around our marina, it seems about a 50/50 split for engines in or trimmed up. Was I misinformed? What are...
  20. ErinnDan

    Applying fabric guard mooring cover:

    Here is the link to the specs. You can read it yourself. You order product #30674, but you still receive product #30607... They are the same thing, but the latter is cheaper as of now...