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    Aww the good life!

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    I am through with Bennington

    Last year my new SFX boat was wrecked on delivery, by the dealer, it needed a pontoon replaced which the dealer agreed to do at no cost to me. The dealer told me to use the boat thru the summer and the pontoon would be replaced after the season. Well, the boat was put in the water today, by the...
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    Mercury 150 noise

    My 2017 sfx is making a high pitched howl at 3200 rpm. It does it thru out the rpm range but it can be heard best at 3200. I have asked the dealer to drop the motor down 1 hole. { that is all that is left } The motor has a stainless prop, and other than the noise runs fine. Anyone else...
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    Boat cover storage bag

    How large should a mesh bag be to store a 24 ft. cover.
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    My worst nightmare

    Was supposed to have my new boat delivered on Monday, The salesman was running behind plus the weather was going to get bad in the afternoon. The salesman put the boat in the water and then proceeded a short distance to our slip. My wife and I were standing on the boat dock with breathless...
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    Changing seats

    I may want to change my bow bass seats for G recliners, Bennington says the bases are different. Anyone have this done?
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    Fender clips

    Any ideas on fender clips, I leave the fenders on when under way. My old Bennington had a top rail separate from the fence but my new 24sfx will have the fence going to the top rail. I'm looking for ones that fit over the top rail. Any ideas?
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    2017 24sfx

    Dealer called to let me know my boat was in. Arranged to take delivery at the end of April as long as the docks are in. Northern Pike, here I come.
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    Bird Poop

    Does anyone boat at a lake where bird poop is a major nuisance. In Pennslyvania geese used to be a major problem, now white gulls are everywhere, They roost on boats at marinas and literally cover the boats in droppings. Boat owners have to put nets over their mooring covers to try to keep them...
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    Pontoon boats are just fun!

    I have more good memories on my Benny than I can count. From fishing, cruising or just hanging out, I can't think of a better way to spend my time. How many others agree? Don't be shy.
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    ordered a new 24sfx

    Well, thanks to everyone's input on this site, I have ordered my new 24sfx tritoon.. Champagne panels with regatta blue accent stripe. 150 Mercury with SPS. Sandstone interior with driftwood accents and Kmc10 radio and ski pylon. Got a great deal off of msrp and they threw the radio upgrade in...
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    should I go for the upgraded radio on my new 24sfx build?
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    Ready to order a24sfx

    Going to order a new 24 sfx with 150 and sps, is the ski pylon adequate for tubing and does anyone know if Bennington would put an aluminum mounting plate on both pontoons so I could mount an extra fish finder transducer.
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    Ordering 24 sfx

    Anyone have opinions on the classic white vinyl? I like the look but haven't seen any boats with it yet.
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    22sfx buying tips

    Anyone have a 22sfx with 150 hp motor? I have a 2003 2275 Fsi and would like to replace it with a Bennington with the same amount of interior space. How are the deck lengths measured? I noticed the 22sfx has a deck overhang in the front. Does this factor into the stated deck length?
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    32 elliptical pontoons

    Anyone have experience with ellipticals vs tritoons, specifically ellipticals with lifting strikes.
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    Buying new 24sfx

    I want to trade my 2275 Fsi in on a new 24sfx, anyone have info on pontoons and engine. I would like to go 30 mph.
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    2275 fsi steering cable

    I want to replace my steering on a 2275 fsi with a non feed back system. Would anyone know the steering cable length? I have a 90 HP mercury on the boat.
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    hydraulic steering

    any one have experience installing the baystar hydraulic steering on a Bennington 2275fsi?
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    Want to buy new Bennington 22sff

    Don't know if all dealers are rich or what but I have contacted 3 dealers in Pa. and Md. with no replies. I want to replace my 2003 2275FSI with a new 22 sff. I like to fish. Anyone know of a dealer that would actually want to take my order? Thanks