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  1. ErinnDan

    Replacing Registration Numbers on Gel Coat

    We recently moved to upstate NY, and I now need to remove and replace my registration numbers on my 2013 20SLX. I already have my new numbers from BoatUS and can install myself. However my concern is removing the old registration numbers without damaging the gel coat. Any suggestions? Thanks in...
  2. ErinnDan

    Leaking Live well

    Has anyone else experienced a live well that has begun to leak? It's very slow and seems like it's coming from the area around one of the screws in the bottom of the well, I've contacted my dealer. Is there a quick fix? Maybe loosen the screw and use some silicone? Let me know, thanks...
  3. ErinnDan

    Splash Deflector Replaced & Looks Great

    My dealer / marina had dinged my port side splash deflector during winter storage. They took responsibility and ordered the part for the repair. I picked the boat up this week and it looks great. The boat was trailered over to a master welder who does all of their work. The damaged deflector...
  4. ErinnDan

    One Speaker Not Working

    We have one speaker not working under a bench seat. I pulled everything out of there and made sure everything behind the speaker was connected, which it was. Not sure where to look next. Any thoughts?
  5. ErinnDan

    Swimsuit Ink Stain on Seat Back?

    Someone's swimsuit must have stained a spot on one of my seat backs. The ink seems like it's in there pretty good. Is there anything I can do to remove it?
  6. ErinnDan

    Keeping My Engine Trimmed Down While Docked

    I have been reading that most people trim their engines up out of the water while not in use. I had previously been told it was better to keep the engine in the water while docked. Looking around our marina, it seems about a 50/50 split for engines in or trimmed up. Was I misinformed? What are...
  7. ErinnDan

    Bug Blood Stains

    Got a couple bug blood stains on our seats. They seem to not want to come out with normal light scrubbing using 303 cleaner. Any other recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  8. ErinnDan

    Battery Life

    How long should a marine cranking battery last? Just wondering as I had to replace mine today after just 2 seasons. I've been using Interstate batteries, is there a better brand I should consider? Thanks in advance.
  9. ErinnDan

    Damage To Port Side Tube "Wing"

    Picked up our boat from storage at the marina this weekend, and I noticed the front left wing on the tube was damaged. I brought it to the attention of the marina manager and he agreed it should be replaced by them. What is that piece on the tube called? And is it a big deal for it to be...
  10. ErinnDan

    Candlwood Lake CT

    Boat is scheduled to go in on April 17th, but the lake is still locked up with ice. Need some warmer weather fast or that date will get pushed back for sure.
  11. ErinnDan

    20 SLX Add a toon and bigger engine?

    Any way to add a center toon and upgrade my 70 hp to a 115? I would have it done over the winter if it's possible. Any thoughts? Cost estimates? Thanks in advance for the help.
  12. ErinnDan

    Sticky Gates

    Just getting the boating season underway. I was cleaning the boat up this weekend and noticed my gates were a little sticky. Not sure spraying WD40 on board is such a good idea. What should I use to lube the gates up just a bit? Thanks in advance.
  13. ErinnDan

    How serious are minor scratches?

    I have a couple minor scratches on one of my toons. One is about 5 inches long, and just deep enough to be visible. How concerned should I be? How bad does a scratch have to be before the toon needs to be replaced?
  14. ErinnDan

    Boat Goes In Next Saturday

    Scheduled to go in next Saturday on April 19th. Looking forward to it, as it has been a very long winter on Candlewood Lake. Any one else on Candlewood yet?
  15. ErinnDan

    Battery Died

    How long should a 12 volt battery last while drifting with the lights and stereo on? Just curious as my main battery died last night while fishing. Good thing I had my trolling motor battery to fall back on.
  16. ErinnDan

    Water Stains on Side Panels

    Shored up today and cleaned the 20 SLX top to bottom. Had some trouble getting the rear panels that get the most spray perfectly clean. What works best to clean the outer panels? Thanks in advance.
  17. ErinnDan

    Yamaha F-70 Recall

    Anyone else get a recall letter from Yamaha? Has to do with the gas tank and lines. I've contacted my dealer to advise me of next steps. Not happy, but what are you going to do?? Any thoughts? Hoping it can wait until the off season as I haven't had any problems thus far.
  18. ErinnDan

    1st Oil Change

    Finally had my dealer/ marina do my first oil change. Cost was just under $300 after taxes, 150 for the oil change, 125 for taking it in and out of the water for the job. Is this about right? Not like I really have a choice as they are my dealer, and right on the lake where I keep my boat. Just...
  19. ErinnDan

    Oil Change for New Engines

    When should I be having my first oil change on my brand new Yamaha 70 HP 4 Stroke engine? I was told by my dealer that I would only need 1 per season, but I have over 50 hours on the engine already, on pace for over 100 hours for the season. Any thoughts?
  20. ErinnDan

    Small Slice in my Bimini

    Noticed a small 2 inch, almost surgical slice on the port side of my bimini. Not sure how it got there, or what exactly caused it. Any thoughts on what I should do to repair it, or have it repaired? Thanks in advance!