1. B

    2022 22 LSR -- decent build and price?

    New to the forum and to boating. Last year I bought my first boat: a Bennington 20 SLV with two pontoons and a 90hp. I've had a fantastic time with it. I use the boat nearly every weekend. The lake I take it out on is about a 90 minute drive from home. The lake I am on is large and can get...
  2. SnakeByte

    First Bennington - 2014 22 SLX 150HP Build Review

    Hi All, I'm new to boating, but am looking to get into a pontoon for my family of 3.  We're in Madison, WI and would be spending time on Lake Mendota (10k acres).    We'll be doing cruising, some tubing, and maybe eventually some skiing.  The boat will be slipped during the boating season.  ...