1. Sidekick-boat-ramp-deployed-dock


    I would never disgrace my boat with this plate but it will be mounted to my boathouse for easy on and easy off.
  2. IMG_0534


    Plenty of room for the wheelchair
  3. IMG_0539


    G seats don't have the added arm rests that are on the R and Q boats. This allows my 22" wheelchair to move through the boat from bow to stern.
  4. Fr_1466


    34" gate
  5. Fr_1454


    Two captains chairs with the passenger side one pushed back 6". Gives full gate use and leaves room for a side by side transfer to the driver seat.
  6. Fr_1451


    I am 55 and have been in a manual wheelchair for the last 5 years. We just bought property in East Texas and had to figure out a boat I could get onto without lots of crawling. 25' G series Radius seating was the boat. The problem was the gates were too narrow. Custom order with a 34" gate