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  1. N

    New Boat Owners! (Boatvid-19)

    We are students at the University of Notre Dame working on a project on understanding why so many first time buyers purchased boats during Covid-19 and what has their experience been with owning a boat for the first time. We are looking for people to interview over zoom and would love to talk to...
  2. sjhorner9475

    Bennington Upgrade

    Today I placed an order for my second Bennington. I bought my first Bennington and first boat, a 2375 GCW with a 150 HP Yamaha engine in 2013 and have loved it. I have been to the boat show every year since and never found a better pontoon than a Bennington. No real reason to buy a new boat...
  3. TejasNewbie

    Newbie To Dos

    Getting a new R series soon...can't wait.  I'm trailering the boat all summer; I've got the factory Sharkhide on the 'toons and obviously have the new seat vinyl.  My question: w/a brand new boat should I do anything w/it immediately to protect the seats, flooring, etc?  Should i have any boat...
  4. Alicedream

    Ordered New Bennington

    I ordered my 2nd Bennington on May 3rd.  I traded in my 2006 2250 GL with a 115 merc for a 2275 GL SPS Tritoon with F200 yamaha.  If the new boat is anything like my first one, I will be really happy. We never had any problems in the 10 years we have owned it.   We got half of what we paid for...