1. B

    2022 22 LSR -- decent build and price?

    New to the forum and to boating. Last year I bought my first boat: a Bennington 20 SLV with two pontoons and a 90hp. I've had a fantastic time with it. I use the boat nearly every weekend. The lake I take it out on is about a 90 minute drive from home. The lake I am on is large and can get...
  2. T

    Newbie needs advice before pulling the trigger

    I'm considering the purchase of a new Bennington 21 SLXDL and tandem axle Yacht Club trailer, but because I'm a newbie when it comes to pontoons I have several questions about options and pricing.  I have not yet signed the purchase agreement with the dealer (in MN where I live) for the boat...
  3. cathole

    Any tips for a Newbie trying to winterize?

    Just wondering a few things before I store my 2004 2575 RFS 1.  What's a fair price to pay for a professional service to winterize my pontoon? - I've been quoted about $250 by a recommended tech 2. Any tips on what I should do in addition to a winterization service? 3.  Any tips for keeping...