1. S

    Propeller questions hopefully answered

    In a two minute video a Yamaha Pro tells it like it is about prop pitch. Hint, it’s not the speed but rpm at full throttle or the optimum rpm range with your motor. Simple and no nonsense approach. You will need your motor owners manual to determine max rpm range or go git in it and let her rip...
  2. Dahbull

    Performance issues

    Recevied a new 25' QSR with cladded arch last week. Have the yamaha F300 motor and the dealer (or yamaha) placed a black painted stainless steel prop on the boat. Took it out for its first trip and the prop sounded like it was ventilating. Fastest speed we could get was 37 MPH at 6000-6100...
  3. B

    Low idles noise

    So I got my Bennington 23slxdx yesterday and today we took it for a spin. It ran great but the Yamaha 4 stroke F150LB does not like to run at anything below 1200 rpm. I cannot dock safely in my canal with engine this high and when I have it around 800 RPM it sounds like my old 2 stroke did when...
  4. Dougncrew

    Another Newb question

    I took the boat out for the first time this weekend and realized I had some questions. It is a tritoon with the Volvo 5.7 IO. Question 1 - What RPM is a good cruising speed? What is the max I should go? Question 2 - What should my Trim be at when cruising? What reasons would I change other than...