1. G

    2008 Bennington 2075GSI Wiring Diagram

    Hoping someone is able to help me locate the wiring diagram for my 2008 Bennington 2075GSI tritoon. Appreciate all your help. Thank you.
  2. B

    2022 22 LSR -- decent build and price?

    New to the forum and to boating. Last year I bought my first boat: a Bennington 20 SLV with two pontoons and a 90hp. I've had a fantastic time with it. I use the boat nearly every weekend. The lake I take it out on is about a 90 minute drive from home. The lake I am on is large and can get...
  3. M

    Experiences at sea - Vineyard Sound (East Falmouth to Martha's Vineyard)

    Hi all, Just want to add some of my experiences so far with running from East Falmouth to Martha's Vineyard. Prior to buying my 23SXP / 200hp (salt water edition) last year, I was looking for insights from owners in New England on their experiences running over to Martha's Vineyard. At that...
  4. Juliet L Rogers

    Seeking advice: New purchase 23SSBXP vs 23GSB

    Interested in any suggestions for must have, things to avoid, and general advice. Buying our first tritoon, will have it almost exclusively on Lake Michigan between South Haven and Grand Haven mostly, and want to be sure to get a big enough boat to handle on Lake Michigan (under reasonable...
  5. TWO2019

    2007 Sedona FS25-Tritoon with 150HP

    Hi, I am a newbie here and never owned a pontoon before. I am considering a 2007 Sedona FS25. I would most appreciate any feedback, advice, etc. that anyone could share. I am also considering purchasing a new one and understand the pros and cons of used vs. new. I believe for my first pontoon, I...
  6. D

    Express Tube Package or Sport Performance System

    We are about to purchase our first Bennington and cannot wait! The only option we don't agree on is which tube package to buy. We will have an 150 HP engine, upgrade the steering if we purchase the express tube package, so the only difference between the two boats is the tubes. We plan to use...
  7. C

    3rd toon bunk kit needed

    I purchased a 21-foot Bennington tritoon and the trailer that came with it only has supports for the outer toons. I would like to add a third bunk for it but I'm having a hard time finding a source to purchase one. Any tips on sources for this would be appreciated
  8. C

    Trailering tritoon

    I recently purchased a 21 SL Tritoon. It was purchased in a private sale so it did not come from a dealer. The trailer that was supplied with the boat is a brand-new Venture pontoon trailer. It has 2 cribs and I wonder if the third pontoon also needs to be supported or if she can safely be...
  9. M

    'R' Trailer Recommendations ? For Sale?

    Help!?  Looking for trailer recommendations- 'R' Series 2575 Tri-Toon.  Hauling in/out during summer less than mile to ramp and also two 300 mile round trips/year.  Thoughts?  Any used for sale?