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    Upholstery Repair Resource

    We're looking for a resource near Kansas City or Truman Lake, MO to repair our Bennington Upholstery. We've used the nearest dealer but haven't been happy with their customer service and have returned multiple times for the same issue. Looking for an alternative. Willing to ship if needed. Thanks
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    2017 R Series

    I currently own a 2011 2275 GSW and was thinking about upgrading.  I have decided to go with the Bennington RSR, Harris Grand Mariner or Premier Intrigue.  I went to a boat show to investigate the 2017 Bennington and was underwhelmed.  Perhaps the upholstery (vinyl) is intended to be quite...
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    New Benni owner - routine maintenance suggestions

    Hello Club Bennington community!!  My wife and I (we live in New England) are recent owners of a 2016 bennington pontoon and we are so excited for all the adventures that will be coming our way along with our family and friends!!!   i wanted to pose a question in regards to any routine...