1. T

    Playpen cover warranty

    I have a 2013 Bennington SF and had the cover tear last week while it was on, evidently from wind. I wasn't even thinking about the warranty, and ask the local dealer who they recommended to fix it. I took it there and they just called back and said it was unfixable as even when they picked it...
  2. tcpip95

    Bennington Warranty: A great company

    It's time I tell this story.  I have sat on this for nearly three years because I was VERY upset with Bennington, but wanted to give them a chance to get it right.  I made a comment in another thread about being away from the forum for awhile.  This is why. I apologize ahead of time for what...
  3. K

    Lights not working 2015 Bennington

    I purchased a 2015 Bennington tritoon new 11 months ago.  It has around 40 hours of use, almost entirely daytime.  I noticed the other night that neither dock light or the green nav light are working.  The red nav light, push-button interior light, top light, and blue Bimini lights all work...
  4. Parzival


    I was going to post awhile back about a few issues that I had with our new 2014 2250 GBR.  I decided to hold off and write up a summary of the entire process after it has been completed and that time has come.   Quick summary: Small ripples in the Aqua Teak flooring appeared; Bennington...