4 step curved ladder vs Lillipad ladder upgrade

They must be selling well , I have been waiting for them to be available after market .
Here is their website ,if you want addition information .

Seems the current production is all going to the Boat Manufacturers - probably a year or so before being available again? They look awesome and I would retrofit in a second!!!
Yep, just like the motor manufacturers . 12-18 month wait to repower ,depending on brand and HP. You can probably get an old style Mercury 350 - 400.They are offering an extra 4 years on the warranty now.
Mercury has 2 programs going on now .From the Mercury website.

"From January 16, 2023, through March 31, 2023, get the standard 3-year limited warranty PLUS 2 years of additional factory-backed Mercury Product Protection (MPP) Gold coverage when you purchase a new Mercury 2.5-400hp outboard from a participating Mercury Authorized Dealer. That’s 5 years of peace of mind available now from Mercury. As a BONUS, if you purchase a new Mercury L6 350 or 400hp Verado® outboard during the offer period, you’ll get 2 additional years of MPP Gold coverage – for 7 total years of coverage."
Based on videos and what not, I would LOVE to try out the Lillipad ladder upgrade. I didn’t realize you could spec the new boats up with it (haven’t been on boat builder in awhile). If I were buying new now, I currently would want to go with it as the option based on what I’ve seen online.

However, when deciding between the telescoping stainless steel ladder and the curved blackout ladder in 2017, I would have went with the telescoping originally. Then I was able to try out both at the dealership. My wife and I both liked the curved SIGNIFICANTLY more for ease of use than the telescoping.

Moral of that story, nothing beats trying out a feature in person. What you think you might like more could be inaccurate in real world use. And given the cost of options and upgrades, could save one money, or free up money for some other option.
It's standard on some models and it's optional to delete the SS under deck.
I spoke to my dealer. They went to a meeting last week and saw the Lillypad in black. Looks great. Not an option when ordering. They are contacting the Bennington rep to see about including moving forward.
Checked out the Lillypad ladder on my new boat at the marina. Worked well on land. Can’t wait to get the boat in the water and try in out from the lake.
Just finished install on Lillipad ladder. First swim outing, much easier for adults compared to standard , old ladder. Golden retriever able to go up and down as well................ Pay attention to the "space" you intend to install ladder. Our tow hoop/ski pylon thingee on the back deck forced the ladder more outboard. I had to surgically trim/cut, the chrome corner cap, pop up cleat assembly, on starboard rear corner, to accommodate.
Made it look factory , happy with ladder function , would recommend !