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So when I bought my Wonderful Benny in 2020, I could not find any real options for a Toon that offered some sort of wake (just in case I could afford it all). Then my facebook feed today presented the SurfBoss https://www.montaraboats.com/25-surf-boss - a cross between a Pontoon, Deck Boat and Wake Boat. Of course this meant I had to explore further, one article suggested there are three such WakeToons - Avalon Waketoon; SurfBoss; SeaDoo Switch Sport https://www.surfwithsol.com/3-best-wakesurfing-pontoons-for-2022/ but after looking at the videos, really only the SurfBoss lives up to the expectation - with 4,500 lbs of ballast - and wow it has some fancy tech! Now, with an MSRP of $297,000 - I will be sticking with my Benny! But, awesome to see creative new developments!

PS - the Pontoon and Deck boat Magazine this month has an impressive round up of Buyer Guide 2023 Pontoons. Still 100% sold on my Benny - but again - wow, some interesting things happening in the market. When I finish reading I will summarize the interesting stuff!


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