Annual Christmas Boat Parade - Lake Havasu Style!


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Los Angeles / Lake Havasu
It's a bit of work, but always so much fun!


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North Carolina
Excellent! Glad you had a good time there! Merry Christmas to you all! Have a good time this December.
I plan to spend this Christmas with my entire family in Spain. I immigrated from there to the US 10 years ago, and I have many relatives there. We plan to rent a boat in Ibiza and have fun. The temperatures in Ibiza are usually above 16C, so it’s not that cold. And the islands are empty this time of the year because all the tourists are gone.
Hope this Christmas will be great because the previous ones were too lonely.
We took a cruise in the Mediterranean in the fall and our last 2 ports before sailing back to Rome were Barcelona and Majorca. Just a beautiful country and the island of Majorca was just gorgeous! We wanted to take a side trip to Ibiza but didn't have time!