Boat on the final assembly line!

What a quick turnaround! Wife and I have ordered 2 new Crownlines over the years and neither turned around that quick and that was absent all the chaos out there now. Take pictures! Ours was ordered 9/10 and I'm told February.
Sweet! Looks sharp!
Did it feel like Christmas came early Papa? Looks nice!!! Happy for you.
Very much so! All the discussion of delays, and supply chain issues had us worried, now we just need spring! But yes we’re very happy and excited!
Curious (without having to read back through the whole thread) did you have the HD rub rail and/or pop up cleats? And if so did you get them?
I did have the HD run rail (and yes it’s on the boat) but not the pop up cleats.
Good to know, fingers crossed they don't run out of them by the time mine hits production! We went with the pop ups because both my wife and I are anything but graceful and inevitably we would have tripped on the stationary cleats.
After seeing the pop ups I wish I had went with them. I asked my dealer about the HD run rail running short, and folks actually hearing they are out of them and he said he hasn’t heard anything but I still insisted on seeing mine. I wasn’t expecting my boat until March, I was really surprised when I heard it was shipped!
Skip & Papa, beautiful boats! My wife and I are first time Bennington boat purchasers. Ordered August 27th. Hoping for a Christmas Miracle as well. Our local dealer was promised 4 boats a month from Bennington, but with supply chain issues we have been delayed several times already. Original expected promise date was beginning of October (we were able to grab one of his monthly allotment boat orders and customize for us). It is a 2022 Bennington SXSR with a few custom options (bow filler seat, additional table under the Bimini top - back of the boat).

We traded in our 2012 Chaparral 19 H20 in August, which the dealer quickly sold for a handsome profit. So we have been boatless for one of the best times of the boating season here in SC/GA. Really missing being on the water. But looking forward to Beni...

Congratulations again on your purchases, happy cruising!
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