Cover or not Cover.


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I have been covering our RX after every use since I can't build a roof over my boatlift in the FL community we lieve.
I noticed the threads comming off the cover in bunches. Is this also a warranty Item ?
It came with the boat from the factory.
Depending on the year of your boat and if your are the original owner ,Yes they are covered by the warranty . Different years have different lengths of warranty , 5 , 7 or 10 .
Here is a link to the warranty statement .
They covered my 2017 mooring cover when one of the seams split, and I am the 2nd owner. The dealer did all the heavy lifting with the factory.
About 6 years ago I started to have issues with my cover. Brought it to the attention of my dealer and he took care of it with Bennington. I received a new cover.
I'm the second owner of our 2021 S21, Bennington just replaced my Bimini Canvas and boot under warranty, dealer said it's a $1000 for the boot and top to purchase. (which is ridiculous) but I'm not complaining!