Downriggers install help


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Anyone has mounted a downrigger to their Bennington? We are getting a 22 SS in May. I already have a Scotty manual downrigger (1060). I was wondering what type of setup I should use.

There is a stanchion mount but I fear this might be too much strain on the rail.

There is also a mount for the rod holder. Im afraid that it might be a bit too close to the engine

Anyone has used those or has any other recommendation on a setup for a downrigger?
To use that downrigger I might try something like the Scotty 12" riser mount outside of the fence by your rear boarding ladder. It looks like you could have the gate open and have it sticking off of the side of the boat with some distance from the engine. Also with the thumbscrews you would just have a small mounting plate left there when you don't have the downrigger mounted.

Other options would be a short piece of track from Berts/Traxtech/Cisco in the same location or an alternate downrigger model with a telescoping boom with the rodholder mount you listed.

Best of luck!
I looked at a lot of options...finally came up with what I think is best solution. I used it last summer constantly for downriggers. It was a great solution and very secure. I'm attaching pictures of my 2019 22SX. I used a hard board over rear corner of rails bolting it through the top rail and added some metal trim to match the rail. Looks and works fantastic.